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07 Oct Get the most out of your DynaVap
Caron 0 24
One of the most popular devices on the market is the DynaVap — it’s light, portable, cost-effective and easy to use. But even this seemingly simple device can benefit from proper use, so we have put together a simple guide for DynaVap enthusiasts, full of hints, tips, and tricks that we’ve picked up over the years.What is the DynaVap?The DynaVap is..
27 Aug Cannabis Dispensaries in South Africa - What you need to know
Caron 1 99
Get the Lowdown on Cannabis Dispensaries in SAAs we progress into a more cannabis-friendly future, many businesses and practices have started using CBD oils, edibles, and dry herb for their medicinal properties. CBD has been shown to provide support for various people struggling with health issues that haven’t been solved using modern medicine. Som..
02 Aug Kandypens Crystal puts the Fab in Dab
0 78
Marketed as one of the easiest vape pens on the market to use, I’ve read that KandyPens Crystal is ideal if you’d like to pack your bowl with CBD concentrates and start dabbing. Let’s just say I’d hear references to ‘getting lit on a gram of wax’ but I never thought beyond that. Being a dabbing virgin, I had to research what I was going to get myse..
31 Jul Cannabis Fraud — Be in the know
0 179
The use of marijuana in South Africa is now legal and the industry is booming, but are consumers getting what they pay for? The Bud investigates for The Vape Store. In May 2019 Business Insider SA reported that Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound derived from dagga, was “removed from South Africa's list of highly-controlled drugs and is now officially av..
01 May Vaping’s new gold standard. The Zeus Arc GT.
0 233
Gold. Pure gold. I kid you not. But that’s not why I’ve fallen in love with the Zeus Arc GT. Let me put it this way. Imagine your dream is to own the new 2020 AMG CLA 35 from Mercedes? And this car is delivered to your door. And the driving experience is everything you dream it would be and more?I’ve enjoyed using Arizer vapes - the old Solo and th..
29 Apr Is CBD All Hype? Or Is Cannabidiol Really Helpful To Humans?
0 133
An explosion of cannabidiol (CBD) brands has hit the marketplace thanks to anxious millennials who increasing use the substance to keep calm. Faithful To Nature sells anything from hemp kombucha and CBD-Infused Espresso Coffee to its customers, with strong infusions of cannabidiol oil.There’s a lot of talk about CBD, but do the substance’s substanc..
14 Mar Vaping goes viral as people ditch smoking for inhaling
0 258
When last did you watch someone roll up a joint, and light a match? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? These days everyone knows what a vape is. They’re so popular that even if you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have heard the term “vaping”. A glance at Google Trends shows just how interested humans are in vapes. A comparison of the search terms ..
13 Mar Cooking Cannabis Just Got Crazy Convenient
0 420
The ritual went something like this: We’d roll a joint, and climb the koppie so we could look out over the lights of Jozi. The water tower atop Northcliff Hill would watch over us. Two friends laughing into a wide starry night sky, we’d break the law and strike our Lion matches to smoke a joint. That was the 80s. That era of women’s awful power s..
01 Feb 5 Reasons why you need a Table Top Vaporizer!
0 354
Ok, so you’ve got  a trusted portable vaporizer (or three) that you enjoy regularly, so why would you possibly need a table top  vaporizer too? Well, we happen to think that any serious ( and even not so serious) cannabis vaper, needs a table top as part of their collection, and these are the reasons why. 1. First and foremost, tabletops produce be..
21 Jan DaVinci IQ versus Arizer ArGo versus Pax 3: pros and cons
0 793
The Clash of three top dry herb portable vaporizers The Pax 3, the DaVinci IQ and the Arizer ArGo are all very popular portable dry herb vaporizers. The vaping experience between these three top selling vaporizers is however vastly different. After extensive experience of our own as well as ample feedback from customers, we thought a comparison re..
03 Jan PAX 3 vs DaVinci IQ vs Arizer Go: Portable Vaporizers Showdown Video
06 Apr DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review...after extensive and tricks.
0 5783
The DaVinci IQ is small, sophisticated and discreet, this portable vaporizer is the latest edition to my collection of vaporizers and has certainly claimed its spot. The IQ introduces a completely new design and has quickly become one of my favourites; from the packaging to device and all the other extras such as the nifty little stash can, I was e..
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