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Brand: Oglesby & Butler Model: IOL BAT
The IOLITE Battery offers five times the power of a normal pen vaporizers thanks to its new electronic function capable of improving efficiency and power consumption. The 3.7V rechargeable battery has a built-in microchip that prevent over charging as well as power saving and safety functions lik..
Ex Tax:R200
Brand: Oglesby & Butler Model: IOL EXT
A pack of 3 Extended Mouthpieces for IOLITE Vaporizer. This newest version of original IOLITE straws is equipped with stainless steel threads. Each order includes: 3 pc. Short Mouthpiece 3 pc. Extender 3 pc. Mouthpiece tip  ..
Ex Tax:R130
Brand: Oglesby & Butler Model: IOL FSC
One pack of Iolite Fine Screen contains finely woven stainless steel mesh screens compatible with IOLITE vaporizers and WISPR 2 Vaporizer. These screens are perfect for finely ground material or pollen. Each order Includes: 6pc FIne Mesh Screen 6pc Screen Rings ..
Ex Tax:R165
Brand: Oglesby & Butler Model: IOL OPT
The Vapor Optimizer by Oglesby & Butler is compatible with IOLITE Vaporizer and WISPR 2 Vaporizer. This innovative 3 prong piece has been designed to improve the vapor density. The optimizer fits inside the vaporizer's chamber and around the heating pin. By adding 3 extra heat ..
Ex Tax:R165
Brand: Oglesby & Butler Model: IOL SCR
A set of 3 Mesh Screen for the IOLITE Vaporizer or WISPR 2 Vaporizer. These chamber screens are made from the finest stainless steel and include 3 retaining rings to lock the screens into the filling chamber.   Each order includes: 3pc Mesh Screen 3pc Retaining Ring ..
Ex Tax:R209
Brand: Oglesby & Butler Model: WIS MOU
One pack of Mouthpiece Tips for WISPR and IOLITE Vaporizers. The silicone cooling tips are made from heat resistant silicone material and they help cooling down vapor. Each order includes: 5pc Mouthpiece Tips  ..
Ex Tax:R165
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