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Hohm Depot 18650 Battery Hohm Depot 18650 Battery
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Hohm Depot 18650  battery is custom made to push where other battery's fail. The Hohm Depot can undeniably surpass any other 3000mAh cell whilst still producing them at a cost affective price. Each battery from Hohm Tech has been tested and certified by UN38.3. The Hohm Depot Battery can be cha..
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Designed specially for the Ardent Lift Decarboxilator, the Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve is very useful when planning to decarb sticky herbal concentrates or when infusing oils. Made from approved food-grade BPA-free silicone, the Sleeve fits perfectly the Ardent Lift’s Inner Canister. Each ..
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Boundless 18650 Battery
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A genuine Boundless 18650 Rechargeable Battery. This is a heavy duty flat top Boundless 18650 Li-Ion with a 30A rating and 2500mAh capacity. This is the stock battery for the Boundless Tera vaporizer but it's compatible with all vapes that use a removable 18650 battery like Arizer ArGo, Arizer A..
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 The Ego Slim Auto 280mAh Battery by Cartisan is the perfect draw-activated battery with 510 thread for those who want a simple and compact vaporizer. With its 280mAh battery capacity, this is the perfect companion for daily runs with consistent smoke and flavor without battery l..
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With a 280mAh capacity the Cartisan Slim Button battery is perfect for daily use and basic vaping needs. Compatible any size tank that uses a 510 thread, the Cartisan Slim Battery is button-activated and it's easy to power on/off with 5 clicks. The battery has 3 power setting which controls vol..
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Model: PADS
A box of 200 pcs Alcohol Pads ideal for cleaning both your portable vaporizer or desktop vaporizer. The pads are saturated with 70% Alcohol and they are perfect for precision cleaning and to get into those small corners of your vape. Remember that a clean vaporizer is a happy vaporizer! Each o..
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Model: DABCP4
Have you been wanting to use your favorite vaporizer along with your bubbler or dab rig? You're now in luck with the DapCap V4, this universal bong adapter allows you to attach nearly any pen or herb vaporizer to your bong or bubbler (male/female downstem) . Pre-filled systems and pods are fully com..
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Dewbie Handmade Humidifier Stone Dewbie Handmade Humidifier Stone
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Model: DWB
The Dewbie Humidifier Stone is designed to hydrate stale cannabis, it’s easy to use and it will last you virtually forever if you take care of it. Handmade in Canada from uncoated natural terracotta clay which is then baked in a kiln oven, the Dewbie stone is to be used when you want to rehydra..
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Model: GLSTL
The Glass Loading Tool works perfectly for loading  ground herb into any portable or table top vaporiser's oven. Simply use a grinder to shred your dry flower and use this handmade glass tool to load your bowl. The Loading Tool is made from borosilicate glass and can hold approxi..
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Model: NET8
The Hanging Dry Net by Vape Store includes 8 drying racks with mesh walls and it’s made of non-absorbent fabric to avoid mould and pathogens. The fabric is durable, non-toxic Nylon and provides plenty of airflow. This Dry Net is designed to be hung from a hook placed on the ceiling, inside a grow t..
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The Hanging Drying Racks by Vape Store allows you to easily and safely dry your crop. Made of high quality breathable Nylon mesh construction, the drying racks is specially designed to hang from the ceiling or even inside your tent for a fast and fungus-free curing. The chambers are removable and de..
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Constructed with the best materials and heavy duty stitching, the Happy Hippie Bags are all you need to produce high quality herbal extract from left over trim, with no contaminants. These revolutionary bubble bags help remove dust and unwanted contamination using only ice, water, and high quality m..
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