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6 Tons Hydraulic Rosin Press 6 Tons Hydraulic Rosin Press
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Model: ROSN6
Designed for processing larger quantities of dry material and extracting all of its resin, this 6 Tons Hydraulic Rosin Press is the perfect solution for both high volume commercial users as well as for serious at home pressers.This high quality Rosin extraction system features a manual hydraulic pre..
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Designed specially for the Ardent Lift Decarboxilator, the Concentrate and Infusion Sleeve is very useful when planning to decarb sticky herbal concentrates or when infusing oils. Made from approved food-grade BPA-free silicone, the Sleeve fits perfectly the Ardent Lift’s Inner Canister. Each ..
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Ardent LIFT Decarboxylator (Botanical and Oil Activator) Ardent LIFT Decarboxylator (Botanical and Oil Activator)
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Model: NOVA
The Ardent NOVA LIFT Precision Decarboxylator is an easy-to-use botanical activator that will increase the potency of your flower, kief or herbal concentrates by converting non-psychoactive THC-A into psychoactive THC. The activation of these cannabinoids to make them bio-available to the body requi..
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A genuine Boundless 18650 Rechargeable Battery. This is a heavy duty flat top Boundless 18650 Li-Ion with a 30A rating and 2500mAh capacity. This is the stock battery for the Boundless Tera vaporizer but it's compatible with all vapes that use a removable 18650 battery like Arizer ArGo, Arizer A..
Ex Tax:R191
The Cali Clean Grinder Cleaner is an all-natural cleaning solution to be used when your herbal grinder gets sticky and hard to turn. After a short soak, the Cali Clean organic cleaner will leave your grinder looking like new. The solution will cleans all surfaces including those tough to reach cr..
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Model: CARTS
Cartridge Atomizer with 510 thread suitable for the vaporisation of precious high-viscosity oils. This top fill atomizer has a capacity of 0,5ml and sports glass walls, ceramic mouthpiece and 1.6mm vent holes. These glass cartridges are crafted from high grade materials and recommended to those vape..
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Model: PADS
A box of 200 pcs Alcohol Pads ideal for cleaning both your portable vaporizer or desktop vaporizer. The pads are saturated with 70% Alcohol and they are perfect for precision cleaning and to get into those small corners of your vape. Remember that a clean vaporizer is a happy vaporizer! Each o..
Ex Tax:R139
The DabWizard organic solution by DabLabs it’s a 100% all-natural extract solution that can turn your favorite herbal concentrate into a liquid that can be vaped using your vaporizer. DabWizard offers the highest quality plant-based liquid which is all organic and does not contain any PEG, PG, VG..
Ex Tax:R676
Model: DWB
The Dewbie Humidifier Stone is designed to hydrate stale cannabis, it’s easy to use and it will last you virtually forever if you take care of it. Handmade in Canada from uncoated natural terracotta clay which is then baked in a kiln oven, the Dewbie stone is to be used when you want to rehydra..
Ex Tax:R130
The EasyHome Portable Rosin Press is durable, efficient and it looks great; it’s the ideal light weight personal rosin press, the fastest ways to extract resin from botanical.The EasyHome features a manual pressing force of over 500kg, a sturdy made, adjustable pressure knob, 50 x 75mm dual heating ..
Ex Tax:R3,391
Model: NET8
The Hanging Dry Net by Vape Store includes 8 drying racks with mesh walls and it’s made of non-absorbent fabric to avoid mould and pathogens. The fabric is durable, non-toxic Nylon and provides plenty of airflow. This Dry Net is designed to be hung from a hook placed on the ceiling, inside a grow t..
Ex Tax:R972
The Hanging Drying Racks by Vape Store allows you to easily and safely dry your crop. Made of high quality breathable Nylon mesh construction, the drying racks is specially designed to hang from the ceiling or even inside your tent for a fast and fungus-free curing. The chambers are removable and de..
Ex Tax:R839
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