Marketed as one of the easiest vape pens on the market to use, I’ve read that KandyPens Crystal is ideal if you’d like to pack your bowl with CBD concentrates and start dabbing. Let’s just say I’d hear references to ‘getting lit on a gram of wax’ but I never thought beyond that.

Being a dabbing virgin, I had to research what I was going to get myself into. As it turns out, concentrates are a whole new offshoot and subculture. Let’s just say it’s easy to get lost on Reddit when you start diving down this little rabbit warren. Very soon I discovered that there was a whole new world to vaping that I had been missing out on.

Stylish, Sleek Black

What with all the devices and glass pieces one uses to dab along with all the various forms of cannabis concentrate, I felt overwhelmed. So I was comforted to read that the Crystal vape pen has everything a beginner needs to enjoy their dabs, but would it be as easy as it seems. I received the pen from and began my Dab-venture.

The overall design and style of the box are very thoughtful and almost Nordic in its design aesthetic. A very clean, white exterior that opens to stark black. . The iconic KandyPen logo is emblazoned on the front of a stark white box which one opens to reveal a stark black interior. This accentuates the stylish contours of the vape held within. This baby is discreet - much like holding a large pen in your hand. This makes the device convenient to use and stash.

Once opened, everything is neatly concealed within, and it is very easy to find as well as put together. The KandyPens Crystal pen vape kit is very user-friendly and is the perfect gift for those who are wanting to broaden their vaping horizon.

What's In the Box

Everything you will need to take your dabs on the road is included in the KandyPens Crystal kit. With all the accessories a budding dabber needs, you will be up and going in no time at all… just as long as you have something to dab with. Here is what you will find included in the Crystal vape pen kit:

  • KandyPens Crystal - This is the device itself and the main attraction.
  • One Extra Glass Mouthpiece - Spare parts often come with vape kits as accidents do tend to happen.
  • A Dab Tool - This is to help you load your sticky icky into the chamber and will assist you with your dabbing.
  • One USB Charging Cable - After you have vaped your concentrate, it’s time to plug it in with your cable to give it a good charge before your next session.
  • KandydPen’s Branded Black Velvet Pouch - Carry your vape pen in style with an original Kanydpen’s black velvet pouch, to prevent your devices from being bumped or scratched while travelling.
  • An Instruction Manual - So you know everything there is to know about your new pen friend and all its wonderful features and functions.
  • This svelte, black vape is compact but provides more than enough power to handle even the most daunting of dabs. Naturally, I was considerably keen to put it to the test.

The Low Down On Concentrates [aka Dab]

For those who have never dabbed before and would like to give it a serious shot, this vape is for you because it is effortless. If you have never heard of a dab, it's essentially a weed concentrate that comes in many different forms. The most commonly known are wax, shatter and crumble.

Wax is self-explanatory as it looks just like wax. Normally it is a yellowish-brown colour. Wax is the concentrate that is the most known among the dabbing world and is one of the stickiest types of weed concentrates out there. Handle this one with care and caution. If you don't own one, you had best invest in a quality dab tool.

Shatter is fairly firm and resembles glass. This concentrate is smooth, clear, and solid, while other kinds of dabs or concentrates will often be sticky and a bit softer. Shatter is one of the purest concentrates out there and is best used with a sharply pointed or flat-bladed dabber. This allows you to cut off ideal sized chunks.
Crumble is made by vacuuming or whipping the weed concentrate into a soft yet brittle dab. This concentrate is very malleable and can be very easily broken into suitably sized portions for dabbing. If you have a lot of little crumble pieces at the bottom of your container, try mashing them together to make a decent dab.

The KandyPens Crystal uses a quartz chamber, this helps prevent that gross burned taste after excessive usage. The chamber is situated above the heating element for fast heat up and the heat is evenly distributed throughout the bottom of the crystal bowl, but this isn't the only unique feature.

The way in which this vape was designed and the materials used allow the Crystal to deliver a pure and flavorful vapour time and time again. The Crystal pen’s atomizer is very durable and helps with providing a genuine flavour for your dab along with a potent effect. It’s extremely easy to use and feels durable and long-lasting.

How to use

The Crystal pen has four set temperature settings that can be changed by simply pressing the button on the vape 3 times, there’s a column of four vertical LEDs that shine and show the preheat setting, when the vape is warming up and when it is charging. As with most vapes, once you have loaded the device and have selected your heat setting, you need to wait for the pen vape to heat up.

Fortunately, with the  KandyPens Crystal design and quartz chamber, it doesn't take long until you are ready to take that first hit. If you have never tried cannabis concentrate it is best you take it slow and in moderation. This form of marijuana is more potent than the regular herb and that makes it easier to overdo it. Once you are satisfied and stoned, don't forget to turn off your vape and clean it between sessions to ensure a long and happy vape life.


This baby really packs a punch for its size. If you enjoy your terps, burning concentrates with the Crystal pen releases these flavour readily. No longer will you have to lug around your glass dabber and blowtorch to liberate the CBD or THC from you dab or shatter.

It takes a while to get used to the on/off button. This is my only complaint about this device. It should be more intuitive to use. To get the vape going you have to remember a sequence of button presses. Look its not complicated - it is not like hitting every button on the hardest level of guitar hero, but it takes a bit of getting used to.

But the critics love this device. Crystal won the award for "Best Dab Pen of 2019" by Vaping360 and bagged the "Best Vape Pen of 2019" from The Vape Critic.  


The atomizer will last for a very long time with regular cleaning and maintenance.
Brings out the dabs true flavour profiles.
Easy to use and clean, so it is perfect for beginners.
Strong effects so you really feel what you are vaping.
The long-lasting battery will give you the opportunity to enjoy longer dabbing sessions.


Excessive pressing may cause a worn-out button thus causing parts of the button to become dead and non-functional. Take this into consideration when having long smoking sessions as overuse of the button can cause issues.
Price point. This is one of the more expensive dabbing devices on the market, but it can also be a great investment if dabbing is something you are truly interested in.

Final Thoughts...

This vape proves that dynamite truly does come in small packages. Whether you are new to dabbing or you’ve been playing with dab since the very beginning, this vape can give you exactly what you need. With easy to use temperature settings, newbies and old hands can enjoy this vape all the same.