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Model: BB
The Budgie Bubbler is a vertical handheld water filtration tool specifically designed for portable vaporizers such as the Mighty and Crafty, Arizer Solo and Air but it can also be used with a whip-style desktop vaporizer in place of the mouthpiece. The Budgie Bubbler comes with a 14mm or a 10mm G..
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: DISK
The Ceramic Flavor Disk allows you to add oils to the plant material in your glass wand. The disk is ceramic and completely inert and comes in two different sizes for the Flavor Disks depending on your style of wand. Usage of ceramic flavor disk may require alteration to your vaporizer's temperature..
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: FODBV
The new Dabbing Kit for your Da Buddha Vaporizer comes complete with everything you need to transform your DBV into the ultimate dabbing machine. Simply remove the glass Heater Cover on your DBV and replace it with the Heater Stand Adapter included in this kit. Connect the Dab Dish, the Dab Dish Hos..
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Donut Mouthpiece for DBV Donut Mouthpiece for DBV
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: DBV DON MOU
Designed specifically for use with Da Buddha Vaporizers by 7th Floor, these handblown Donut Glass Mouthpiece are unique and beautiful creations. Each exclusive piece is made to promote maximum functionality and provide an exceptional vaporizing experience. The donut shape helps cooling ..
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: CHAR PICK
The coolest Glass Marble Pick by 7th Floor for SSV and DBV vaporizers. The stirring pick has a unique glass character on the end of a stainless steel rod. Choose from apple, bear, mushroom. Characters subject to availability. Each order includes: 1pc Glass Character Pick &nbs..
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: 7th FL PICK
One original 7th Floor Glass Marble Pick. Each pick is handblown with colorful custom glass. Same as the one you've received with your vaporizer, the stirring pick is made from a stainless steel rod and can be used to stir your herbal blend in between draws. Each order includes: 1..
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: 7MOU
The Glass Mouthpiece by 7th Floor is designed specifically for use with Da Buddha Vaporizer and Silver Surfer Vaporizer. This handblown borosilicate Glass Mouthpiece creates an airtight connectivity, made to promote maximum functionality and provide an exceptional vaporizing experience. This repl..
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: DBV OIL DIF
Specifically designed for use with the Da Buddha vaporizer, this Glass Oil Diffuser fit perfectly on the Da Buddha Vaporizer Electric Candle and is designed to diffuse essential oils for aromatherapy purposes. The diffuser works well with essential oils as well as with fragrant waxes, fillin..
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: DBV WAN
One replacement Da Buddha ground Glass Wand made from high-quality borosilicate glass and designed for use with any Da Buddha Vaporizer. This is a hands-free wand that tightly connects to the Ground Glass Heater Cover of your DBV. Please note that this is just the wand and not..
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: DBV HEA
This original Da Buddha Vaporizer Ground Glass Heater Cover is made from the highest quality borosilicate glass and grounded to tightly connect to the DBV Wand in order to provide the best vaporizing experience possible. Please note that this heater cover is not compatible with&nbs..
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: DBV BASE
One Replacement Base for Da Buddha Vaporizer from 7th Floor. The black plastic base can break if you happen to drop your DBV...but stress not because we carry the original replacement for your convenience. Each order includes: 1pc DBV Base (Black)  ..
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: DBV SSV HOSE
Replacement Hose for Da Buddha Vaporizer and Silver Surfer Vaporizer by 7th Floor. This original 7th Floor whip hose is 90cm long, FDA approved to inhale from and it's made from super soft material. This food grade premium quality hosing is custom made for 7th Floor's vaporizers, it's 100% odo..
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