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Brand: DaVinci Model: ASWPA
The Ascent Water Tool Adapter allows you to create an instant water filtered vaporizer by simply replacing the glass mouthpiece of the Ascent vaporizer with the adapter which is then insert into the water piece. Kindly note that the down stem of your water piece can be either 14 or 19mm: make sur..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: DAV CARCH
The DaVinci & Ascent Car Charger is compatible with both the Ascent Vaporizer and the DaVinci Vaporizer models. The 9v charger fits any model car cigarette lighter and you'll never again have a low battery.  Each order includes: 1pc Car Charger with cable  ..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: ASC JAR
These Oil Jars for Ascent Vaporizer are ideal vaporizer accessories to have a stock pile of. Fill them with your favorite essential oils or blends and simply place in the chamber. Made of 100% glass with a medical grade silicone lid. Using the lid is optional, but assists in keeping your vaporizer ..
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