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Brand: W9 Tech Model: EXCAR
Replacement Extract Cartridge by W9 Technologies intended for use with Omicron, Persei, O-PHOS and Omicron Lite vaporizers. The extract cartridge can take up to one gram of herbal concentrates ranging from hard solid to pliable consistency. Ohm Strength: 1.5 Ohm: Recommended for hard con..
Ex Tax:R157
Brand: W9 Tech Model: KISS
One replacement Delta9 KISS Cartomizer compatible with Omicron Vaporizer. In appearance, the KISS heating element looks similar to most of the skillet/heaters found on pen style vapes. However a closer look reveals a ceramic wick wrapped with a Ti grade 2 coil. This ceramic wick replaces the standar..
Ex Tax:R235
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