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FlowerPot Parts

Looking for replacement parts, accessories for your FlowerPot Vaporizer? They are all here... and hopefully we have what you need :-)

Model: FPBHD
The Flowerpot Standard Head Assembly is to be used as a replacement or to keep as a spare part for the FlowerPot Vaporizer. The grade 2 Titanium head is carefully machined in the US and designed to get you wasted beyond recovery, aahhh!We currently stock the B-Zero, B1 and B2 Standard Head Assembly...
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: FPGLSINJ
The Flowerpot Glass Bowl made from Elev8 Glass, works perfectly well with the Flowerpot Injector Style Diffuser that sports an 18mm injector. The Glass Bowl includes a built-in glass screen that will never need to be replaced. The Injector Style Glass Bowl features a 14mm ground glass male join..
Ex Tax:R391
The ShovelHead Bowl is to be used with the FlowerPot Vaporizer. This is the titanium part that sits between your glass bong and the Vrod Head Assembly or the WeedEater, depending on the configuration of your FlowerPot.  Each ShovelHead Bowl includes:Titanium BowlSolid HandleTitanium Screen ..
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Model: SICDS
The SiC Dish fits at the top of the FlowerPot Vrod Head Assembly. The dish is to be used with concentrates and it’s made from Silica Carbide. In order to maintain the high quality flavours that the Vrod Head can deliver, we recommend cleaning the dish with an earbud after each use. For a more thorou..
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Model: FLOW.S
The FlowerPot Titanium Woven Screen is a perfectly double woven screen that does a superb job of retaining all particulate that might enter your FlowerPot device. The Grade 1 titanium is a flavour hunters dream, and the airflow is still at maximum. The FlowerPot Titanium Woven Screen is so..
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Model: FLOW.C
The FlowerPot Universal Carb Cap is the most definitely "Mother of all Carb Caps". This scoop dabbing carb cap is made from Grade 2 Titanium and it is specifically designed to fit the Weed Eater and all other FlowerPot vapourisers . Flowerpot Universal Carb Cap Features:Grade 2 Titanium1 Air Ho..
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Model: WEDET
The WeedEater Head Assembly is to be used with the FlowerPot Vaporizer. The grade 2 Titanium head is to be used as a replacement or if you want to change your Vrod Head with one that is compatible with dry herb only. Each head is carefully machined in the USEach WeedEater Head Assembly includes..
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Model: GLSTL
The Glass Loading Tool works perfectly for loading  ground herb into any portable or table top vaporiser's oven. Simply use a grinder to shred your dry flower and use this handmade glass tool to load your bowl. The Loading Tool is made from borosilicate glass and can hold approxi..
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Model: CHRB
The Ruby Balls from Cannabis Hardware are to be used inside the latest generation FlowerPot Head Assemblies, B-Zero, B1 and B2.The Ruby Balls create an obstructed air path forcing the air around the balls resulting in better efficiency. Using different size, shape, and material balls will change the..
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