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Boundless Parts

Replacement parts and accessories for Boundless CF and Boundless CFX Vaporizers.

Brand: Boundless Vape Technology Model: BNDLSMP
One replacement Mouthpiece Assembly for Boundless CF or Boundless CFX vaporizers. This is the full mouthpiece which includes also the screen set, seal and o-ring.      ..
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Brand: Boundless Vape Technology Model: CFC2MP
Boundless CFC 2.0 Mouthpiece. This plastic mouthpiece includes also the stainless steel screen. This component is compatible only with the CFC 2.0 herbal vaporizer by Boundless. Each order includes: 1pc Boundless CFC 2.0 Mouthpiece..
Ex Tax:R135
Brand: Boundless Vape Technology Model: BDLSWPA
The Boundless Water Pipe Adapter for the CF and CFX vaporizers will fit on most male and female stems(14mm and 18mm). This enables the user to filter the vaporized product through water leaving a tasteful experience like no other. By unscrewing the top section of the water pipe adapter the user can ..
Ex Tax:R339
A genuine Sony US18650VTC4 Rechargeable Battery. This is the newest high drain flat top Sony 18650 Li-Ion with a 30A rating. For high drain applications the Sony VTC4 is the top-selling and most trusted battery of its kind. This battery is compatible with all vapes that use a removable 18650 batt..
Ex Tax:R156
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