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Rosin & Pollen Presses

Model: HP230C
The HP230C is a Manual Rosin Press that features a maximum pressing force of 2 tons which is sufficient to extract pure and yummy oils from your cannabis plant. The press is easy to use and the results are remarkable. The press features two food-grade aluminium heat plates measuring 75x120mm an..
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Model: ROSN6
Designed for processing larger quantities of dry material and extracting all of its resin, this 6 Tons Hydraulic Rosin Press is the perfect solution for both high volume commercial users as well as for serious at home pressers.This high quality Rosin extraction system features a manual hydraulic pre..
Ex Tax:R6,000
Model: FUNL
The Collapsable Silicone Funnel is made from non-toxic food grade silicone and is the perfect accessory to have when making infused butters, oils and edibles with a herbal decarboxylator and oil infusing machine. The funnel lets you easily pour oil, water and food into silicone moulds, bottles ..
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EasyHome Portable Rosin Press - 500Kg Pressing Force EasyHome Portable Rosin Press - 500Kg Pressing Force
2 - 3 Days
The EasyHome Portable Rosin Press is durable, efficient and it looks great; it’s the ideal light weight personal rosin press, the fastest ways to extract resin from botanical.The EasyHome features a manual pressing force of over 500kg, a sturdy made, adjustable pressure knob, 50 x 75mm dual heating ..
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Heavy Duty Pollen Press by Piranha
-19 %
Model: PIRPP
The Piranha Heavy Duty Pollen T-Press is the perfect tool for pressing large amounts of pollen on a budget. Milled from high-quality stainless steel, the T-Shaped handle provides superior grip and leverage when pressing. Covered by a lifetime warranty, the Piranha T-Press measures: Large 3.5cm in di..
R930 R1,153
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Herbal Decarboxylator, Oil Infuser TH01 Herbal Decarboxylator, Oil Infuser TH01
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Model: TH01
The TH01 Herbal Decarboxylator and Oil Infuser is an absolute must-have for the wellness-minded infuser. Since cooking or baking with raw cannabis would not lead to positive results, the decarboxylator really shines if you are planning to cook or bake using cannabis. During the decarboxylation proce..
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Brand: Oil Slick Model: SLKPPR
The Rosin Parchment Paper is an ultra durable parchment paper specifically designed for Rosin Extraction. Non-stick, heat resistant and silicone coated genuine food-grade parchment paper sheets that come pre-cut in 200x300mm and with a weight of 43gr.This paper is ideal for solvent-less extraction a..
Ex Tax:R50
These high quality Rosin Press Filter Bags are made from very strong polyester monofilament mesh and ideal for a solvent-less heat and pressure extraction.Also known as Rosin Tea Bags and measuring 5x10cm, these screen bags are either 37 micron or 90 micron.We recommend using the fine 37 micron Filt..
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The Silicone Mold is made from non-toxic food grade silicone and is the perfect accessory to have when making infused butters, chocolates, gummies and edibles in general.The mold is eco friendly, non-toxic, odorless, washable, reusable, convenient, soft and oil-resistant. The tray size is 21 x ..
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SSV Pollen Press SSV Pollen Press
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Brand: Space Case Model: SC POL
The Pollen Press by SSV is a must have tool if you want to transform plant pollen and press it into a disk form. Made in the USA and computer machined from a block of aerospace grade aluminum, these pollen press is virtually indestructible: double knurled edges for optimal grip, four differe..
Ex Tax:R426
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