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Brand: KandyPens Model: CRSTATM
The KandyPens Crystal Atomizer features a coil-less design, quartz loading chamber and 510 threading. This atomizer is compatible with the KandyPens Crystal battery as well as with any 510-thread battery. It is designed for use with herbal concentrates only. Each order includes: 1pc Kand..
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Brand: KandyPens Model: KPCRSTLMP
KandyPens Crystal Mouthpiece; have you misplaced or broke the glass mouthpiece for your KandyPens Crystal essential oil vaporizer? Fear not because we stock this replacement part. The Crystal Mouthpiece is black in color and it includes the Glass Tip Mouthpiece with splash-guard. Each order in..
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Brand: KandyPens Model: KPPOD
A refillable KandyPens Feather Pod. The 2ml Pod is built using high grade materials and is air activated so no controls are needed when taking hits. The Feather Pod is designed specifically for Nicotine Salts juices and can be refilled through the small hole on the side of the tank. NOTE: It’s..
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Brand: KandyPens Model: KPAT
One replacement KandyPens Galaxy Atomizer either for Draco or Andromeda model. Please note that the atomizer can be utilised exclusively with herbal concentrates. The Galaxy Atomizer sports: Quartz Crystal Chamber Dual Quartz Rods Titanium Coil Deep Chamber 510 Thread Compatible W..
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Brand: KandyPens Model: GALMP
KandyPens Galaxy replacement Mouthpiece. Upon adding the item to your cart, please select the type of finishing. -Draco (Rubber Black/Gold) -Andromeda (Glossy Black/Gold) Each order includes: 1pc KandyPens Galaxy Mouthpiece  ..
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Brand: KandyPens Model: OURATMZ
The KandyPens Oura Atomizer is designed exclusively for the Oura Vaporizer  and compatible only with herbal concentrates. This replacement atomizer features a quartz crystal bucket which is capable of reaching high temperatures very quickly and retain the heat during longer sessions. Beneath th..
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Brand: KandyPens Model: KPRPOD
KandyPens Rubi Pod is leak proof and built using high grade materials. The pod is air activated so no controls are needed when taking hits. The Rubi 1ml Pod is refillable and compatible with both eliquid and oils. The Pod includes a ceramic heating coil wrapped in Japanese cotton that delivers sm..
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