The new AirVape Xs Go is the latest addition to our collection. If you are looking to find a quality on- the- go vaporizer that won’t break the bank, then look no further. The new Go is a great “go-to” vape, especially for the price.

Like previous versions, the AirVape Xs GO uses a combination of conduction and convection technology to achieve optimal heating. However, this time, they have upped the ante to make the Go even more portable. But is it as good as they say for a beginner vaporizer?

What’s in The Box:

AirVape Xs GO

USB Charger Cable

Cleaning, Loading Tools

Replacement Filter Screens

User Manual


ABS Plastic Body

Weight: 56 Grams

Dry Herb Portable Vaporizer

Hybrid Conduction/Convection Heating

Temp: 215°C

Built-In 1200mAh Battery


20-second heat-up time

5 temperature options from 180 °C to 215 °C

Automatic shutoff timer

Micro USB Charging

Pass-through capabilities (charge while use)

Oval ceramic heating chamber

First Thoughts

It’s so tiny and cute, it almost looks ragged! No really, I love it. The design is simple, clean and user-friendly. The AirVape Xs GO can be easily concealed in the hand and hidden from sight. I love the ‘flower of life’ pattern on the back. It adds a very nice finish to the touch, look and feel of the design. Overall, the Xs Go is a nice-looking, well-designed cannabis vaporizer.


AirVape has made some pretty sleek vaporizer leading up to the GO. The Bar was set pretty high to begin with. However, they pulled it off. Minimalistic and very ergonomic, the design looks as good as it feels. The indents where your fingers rest are perfectly located, whether held in your right or left hand. It is quite a comfortable vape to hold. The compact design makes it easy to bring along anywhere, while the hybrid heating system ensures you get the most out of your dry herb.

The GO is constructed with high-quality heat resistant ABS plastic. The body of the vaporizer does not heat up to an uncomfortable temperature. The single-button in combination with the 5-light LED display makes it quick and easy to use on all experience levels.

The magnetically attached mouthpiece sits on top of the chamber and is easy to remove during loading and cleaning. Personally, I don’t like magnetically attached mouthpieces. It’s too gimmicky and has on a number of occasions lost my mouthpiece to the bottomless-pit-of-doom that is a women’s handbag!

Performance and Use

The Xs GO only takes about twenty seconds to heat up, which is quite fast for a dry herb vaporizer. The mouthpiece gets a little warm during use, but the body stays cool to the touch at all times. I have to say, this little device performs really well.

With medium to fine grind, fill your chamber and gently tap it down. Don’t compress it. Just simply tap it into place so that the leaf sits snug. 3 rapid clicks turn it on and off. Choose your desired temperature by toggling through the preset temperatures which are;

182°C; 190°C; 198°C; 207°C; 215°C

The Airvape Xs GO has a hybrid convection/conduction heating system just like that of its big brother. The oval-shaped ceramic oven heats the herb directly, while a compartment beneath the chamber fills with hot air, evenly heating the bowl. After around 20 seconds the bar will light up solid orange indicating it’s ready to go.

Vapor Quality 

Okay, now I have to admit. For an experienced vapor like myself, I was quite impressed. For its price, I’m completely satisfied. It’ll get beginners where they need to be. This is an entry-level vape so you shouldn’t expect the same vapor quality you get in vapes like the Mighty or Zeus Arc. However, comparing to vapes similarly priced, you can easily forget it’s just an entry-level vape.

Though it technically is hybrid heating, I’m going to say the majority of its heating is conduction. So, you get big dense potent less flavourful vapor. However, it’s quite smooth and on lower levels, there are those subtle sweet aromas in the 1st few draws. Even on the highest temperature, I didn’t find the vapor to be hash or too hot.

I got the best experience using the Xs GO at 198°C and 207°C (the third and fourth bars). With roughly 0.2g of medium to fine ground herb.

The Experience – Yay or Nay?

Yay. Definitely a thumbs up. I mean again for the price; you really can’t go wrong. I’ll admit it’s not all good, someone who is familiar with vaping won’t enjoy the slight plastic taste at the beginning of your session. Especially when the device is new. Plastic is still plastic… and the vapor path is so small does and will hinder the flavor and coolness of the vapor.

Even so, this little device is so easy to use and certainly is a quick go-to vape, it’ll do the job.

I found the vapor quality to be good for such an inexpensive device. It’s not top-notch, strawberries and cream, but it’s not bad at all. The taste is pretty good though perhaps an all-ceramic mouthpiece would enhance the flavor.

The nifty little tool however handy is rather tough and sometimes quite annoying to remove. But the fact is that the scraper tool, which attaches to the back of the unit, means that you will always have something to clear out your AVB. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to keep your vape clean. A clean vape is a happy vape, don’t forget. Clearing out your oven after every use helps to keep your maintenance easy. Use a cleaning brush after every few sessions to prevent any residue from building up.

Overall maintaining this device is simple. Don’t forget to clean out your airpath and mouthpiece every few days/weeks depending on usage to clear out any residue build-up. Cleaning is done the usual way, with a Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol. Swab out the oven gently to get out any residue. The mouthpiece can be left to soak in some ISO for 20 mins or so before wiping it clean.

Remember: Be sure to do a burn off after a deep clean, you don’t want to be inhaling any ISO residue…


The AirVape Xs GO has a 1200 mAh battery and heats up in under 30sec. Impressively fast. I got about 4 sessions on a charge which isn’t much, however, the great news is the GO supports passthrough technology. A very convenient feature that means you don’t have to worry about cutting a vape session short due to a depleted battery.

To fully charge this little device only takes 45min, another plus in my books. The GO charges via micro-USB, enabling you to charge it everywhere you have access to a USB-outlet.

With a three-minute session timer, it will shut itself off as a safety measure. I would prefer though if there was an option to extend this however, it’s not a biggy I simply just put the device back on should I feel my session isn’t done.

Final Thoughts 

I’m really happy with the device, for its price and bracket, it's an impressive vape. It’s extremely light, very small, and feature’s a removable battery. I’m not a fan of all the plastic but the soft-touch feel to it is a really nice finish.

With the vapor path being as short as it is its almost expected to have a hasher vapor quality. However, it really isn’t bad at all, even at its highest temp. I would definitely say that it’s a great choice for a beginner vape. Especially since it’s easy to use, highly portable, and has a pretty decent design.

More experienced vapers looking for optimal vapor quality and advanced features will find the device lacking. If you’re looking for something with a bit more punch then I would highly recommend the Zeus Arc, one of the most powerful portable units on the market.

Happy Vaping