Gold. Pure gold. I kid you not. But that’s not why I’ve fallen in love with the Zeus Arc GT. Let me put it this way. Imagine your dream is to own the new 2020 AMG CLA 35 from Mercedes? And this car is delivered to your door. And the driving experience is everything you dream it would be and more?

    I’ve enjoyed using Arizer vapes - the old Solo and the newer Solo II. I’ve yet to try a tabletop vaporizer, but I’ve tried my fair share of portable pen-like vapes. This given, I can easily say that the Zeus is in a class of its own.

    The first big difference you’re going to notice with the Zeus, is that unlike the Arizer there’s no glass. Just a nimble, black device that feels like heavyweight lighter in your hand.

    Topline impression? This high-performance dry herb vaporizer handles as well as it looks. The sleek device feels heavy, impressive, like there’s weight in your hand. After packing you raise the device to your lips - it heats up quickly - and you readily enjoy strong liberation of the good stuff in your dry herb.

    Sleek, Smart, State Of The Art

    Zeus has cleverly invested in creating a luxury brand with packaging that’s on point. So unpacking this baby is a dope experience. There’s absolutely nothing I’d change about the packaging design.

    Taking the device out of the box is its own serotonin-firing experience. Black, matte and luxurious, the stylish box the Zeus vape arrives in includes a neatly stowed-away charger, next-level cleaning buds, pipe cleaners, alcohol-infused wipes, and the obligatory user manual. The device itself feels good in your hand - like the key to a new Maserati.

    Thankfully you don’t need a Ph.D. to read the product manual. Zeus has been cognitively kind, and the manual is easy to understand and really well laid out. In particular, I appreciate that it is not copy-heavy. Less is more — nobody has the time to read the text equivalent of Tolstoy’s War and Peace before getting high.

    And this vape unlocks an intense high. Small but sturdy, the Zeus Arc GT doesn’t have a glass pipe outlet like many other vapes. Instead, you put your mouth on a discrete opening at the top of the device.

    The heatsink, chamber and vapor path are all gold plated, which helps to regulate the heat. Gold is known for its excellent thermal conductivity, and the German engineers behind Zeus have used ‘Gold Tech’ to help create a precision instrument that is quick and easy to use.

    Popular gadget site, KnowTechie gave this device a 9.8/10 score for this reason. As KnowTechie says in the review:  “The Zeus Arc GT also introduces Gold Sink technology inside of the mouthpiece to cool down and produce smooth, tasty vapor on all of the heat settings.” The review continues: “When it comes to conducting heat, it doesn’t get any better than gold. In effect, your flower will evenly bake to perfection.”

    007, I Presume?

    The Zeus Arc GT is 8.8 cm tall and 6 cm wide. The device’s body is constructed of durable anodized aluminium with a matte-black finish. This vape looks, and feels, like a gadget 007 would receive from the ultimate spy-tech inventor guy, Q. This is the ideal vaporizer for discerning people who choose brands to match a more aspirational lifestyle. The design is discrete — it doesn't scream out “Hey everyone! I’m vaping cannabis!”

    This dry herb vape requires a tight pack for optimal vaping. The Zeus ARC is unlike the Arizer range in that it doesn’t have a glass pipe or a plastic mouthpiece like the majority of portable vapes. Instead, the device has a small slit where you can place your mouth an inhale,  just like the PAX 2 introduced a few years ago. After using it a few times, I found that cleaning was easy with the cleaning supplies inside the box, or the multi-tool magnetically attached to the base (which can also be used for mixing or tamping, and which protects the USB port).

    Another innovative feature is a raised lip surrounding the herb chamber. This assists with loading and ease of use. You simply use the raised lip to scoop up your dry herb. This keeps your fingers herb free. Neat!

    Charging is done via micro-USB connector and the same cable can easily be plugged in your computer to link the ZEUS to a desktop app, created by the brand.

    The app allows you to update the device’s firmware and install different heating profiles — and who doesn’t love a little personalisation? There’s a heat setting geared for flavor, another that is designed for the ZEUS’ Iceborn or water filtration rig.

    The Vape With The Midas Touch

    What is this? “The ZEUS Iceborn is a revolutionary accessory item that works with almost every vaporizer to dramatically cool down and improve your vapor through ice filtration,” the makers write on the Zeus site. “Engineered in Germany and manufactured from high quality, durable components, the Iceborn is approximately 11cm tall and 8.6cm in diameter. A much more convenient alternative to typical water filtration devices, the Iceborn provides much cooler and smoother vapor, allowing longer and deeper draws for bigger clouds, and is more efficient than water filtration devices that lose much of your vapor’s essential oils during filtration.” Given how impressed I was with the Zeus, I hope to try out this attachment real soon and to tell you all about it.

    The Arc is remarkably easy to use: all you need to do, once it’s charged and loaded, is to just press down on the mouthpiece to turn it on, and then select from one of three heat options, indicated by three horizontal LED lights located on the front of the device.

    The experience is really great: the ‘pull’ is silky-smooth, and the volume of vapor produced is exceptional, making it a pleasant, flavorful experience. I like a hot vape, and unless you change the profile as mentioned above, out of the box on the lowest temperature setting for the Zeus Arc is warmer than other vapes. As a result, on the performance profile, you get a device that doesn't require a long wait time and you fully experience what it is you are vaping.

    Smart Motion Detector

    The lights double as a battery life indicator, which is accessed simply by shaking the device, thanks to the built-in accelerometer. So, if you abandon or forget about your vape, it detects the lack of movement and switches itself off. Gone are the days of falling asleep and leaving your vape on.

    The lights act as a nice visual cue, but you don’t really need them as the Arc has haptic feedback. It vibrates whenever heating is complete, instead of loudly beeping.

    The Zeus Arc GT is a vape that looks great and works even better. At a cost of R3,850.00, this Vape is an investment. But it’s one that’s worth it. The gold and matte theme and German engineering give this device that X factor to stand out in a crowd. More importantly, this vape delivers. It has become my new gold standard for vaping.


    *A strong, quick, easy delivery that really liberates the best of your herb
    *Upgradable firmware
    *Ability to change the preset temperatures (via desktop app)
    *Super stylish
    *Amazing range of accessories
    *Low maintenance costs


    *The unit gets hot to hold when doing a second session, so don't expect to be able to put this in your pocket or bag after multiple sessions. Give it a cooling down period after each use to ensure optimum handling.
    *Due to the way the lips have to wrap around the mouthpiece opening, it's not an ideal vape to use when sharing with buddies. If you do, expect saliva to come back along with the device.