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Brand: Atmos Model: GREDY
The Atmos Greedy is a great device to use with your waxy concentrates. Entirely made form medical grade stainless steel, the Greedy is compatible with any mod or battery that uses a 510 thread. The Greedy heating Chamber is capable of holding a considerable amount of wax and it features an adjust..
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Brand: Atmos Model: KILNRA
The Atmos Kiln / Kiln RA Cartridge was designed for true waxy connoisseurs and compatible with any battery with 510 thread. The Kiln RA sports a deep ceramic chamber capable of handling huge dabs, a rebuildable atomizer, 100% ceramic body for purer vapour and heat retention. The difference bet..
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The Big Buddy Turbo Flame Torch is the newest addition to the USA based Blazer Products, a market leader in refillable butane torches specifically engineered for both professional and home use.     The Turbo Flame Torch features a similar piezo instant ignition system as the Big Shot..
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The Blazer Big Shot GT-8000 is a sturdy and powerful butane refillable torch that features an anti-flare brass-frame nozzle for added safety and flame control.   Big Shot is an industrial tool capable of creating a precise flame used for direct heat application on an object with a design ..
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Brand: NoGoo Model: BSSILJR
The Blazy Susan Dab Jars are made from Premium Food Grade Silicone that allows you to get 100% of any sticky substance out of the jar without leaving anything on the inside.  The Blazy Susan Silicone Containers are made specifically to store various concentrates and to maintain them fre..
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Boundless Terp Pen Boundless Terp Pen
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Brand: Boundless Vape Technology Model: TRPPN
The Terp Pen by Boundless Technology is a breath-activated marker-sized vaporizer for wax and cannabis concentrates. Terp Pen is an on-demand dab pen that features a sleek design, brushed medical grade stainless steel that feels great in your hand, a surprisingly long lasting battery that will allow..
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Boundless Terp Pen Spectrum Boundless Terp Pen Spectrum
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Brand: Boundless Vape Technology Model: TRPPNXL
The Terp Pen Spectrum by Boundless Technologies is a larger version of the popular Boundless Terp Pen.Like its smaller brother, the Terp Pen Spectrum features the same activation by inhalation with instant heat-up but the list of improvements on the Spectrum version include a re-desig..
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Brand: Dr. Dabber Model: BUDCUT
The Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter is a multi-purpose heated device designed specifically for handling anything from sticky to hard-to-manage oils and waxes. Designed for dab connoisseurs, the Budder Cutter comes with 7 interchangeable heating tips each performing a specific task. The heat source of..
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Brand: 7th Floor Model: FODBV
The new Dabbing Kit for your Da Buddha Vaporizer comes complete with everything you need to transform your DBV into the ultimate dabbing machine. Simply remove the glass Heater Cover on your DBV and replace it with the Heater Stand Adapter included in this kit. Connect the Dab Dish, the Dab Dish Hos..
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Model: DABCP4
Have you been wanting to use your favorite vaporizer along with your bubbler or dab rig? You're now in luck with the DapCap V4, this universal bong adapter allows you to attach nearly any pen or herb vaporizer to your bong or bubbler (male/female downstem) . Pre-filled systems and pods are fully com..
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Brand: Dr. Dabber Model: HOMAT
The Dr. Dabber Honeymat is a non-stick platinum grade silicone pad which is ideal for handling, organizing and displaying your waxes and oils. Available in Large and Small size, these stylish mats are heat resistant and feature honeycomb pattern printed on the underside and branding printed on th..
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Brand: Grenco Science Model: GPCNCT
The G Pen Connect Vaporizer is an e-nail that will turn any water pipe into a proper dab rig, whilst eliminating the need of a torch and the danger of an exposed nail. The G Pen Connect features a combination of patented reverse airflow technology and a ceramic heating chamber for an efficient ..
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