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Model: CHG
Cannabis Hardware's Fine Grinder Arm Band edition creates a wonderful fine grind for your herb that is optimised for vaporising.Made from 6061 Medical Grade Aluminium, Cannabis Hardware's Fine Grinder has a large 7.5cm  diameter to increase the leverage, silicone rubber for amazing grip an..
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Model: MDTNR
MedTainer is a premium medical grade storage container for dry herb with built-in grinder. MedTainer is also smell-proof and water-tight and it can hold up to 5 grams of ground herb. MedTainer are made in the USA using exclusively medical grade 20 DRAM plastic.Please note that the artwork design may..
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The MMJGRIND is a medical grade 2 piece grinder designed to prevent any sort of contamination from toxic materials that could take place during the grinding process. Made from FDA certified materials, the MMJGRIND provides smooth grinding and handling even if you suffer from arthritis condition..
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Brand: Santa Cruz Shredder Model: SACR2
The Santa Cruz Shredder 2 piece is a medical-grade anodized aluminum herb grinder which is arguably the best grinder money can buy. These shredders are engineered to perfection and by many these are considered the best grinders in the world. Their unique patented design offers teeth twice as s..
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Brand: Santa Cruz Shredder Model: HMPGRDR
The Santa Cruz Shredders Hemp Grinder is the first ecological and 100% biodegradable herb grinder of its kind. Made from natural hemp and hemp-based binder, this 2 piece medium size grinder is extremely durable and designed to give you a consistent fluffy grind that Santa Cruz Shredder is known for...
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Brand: Storz & Bickel Model: VOL GR
The Volcano Herb Grinder with its extra sharp teeth and high quality materials offers durability and efficiency. Manufactured in Germany, the Volcano Grinder is by far the best acrylic herb mill money can buy. This easy to use 3 piece orange acrylic grinder fine..
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