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A large range of Accessories for all your vaporizing and dabbing needs such the the world's finest herb grinders, storage containers, non-stick pads, bubble bags, presses, cleaning solution, titanium nails and tools, and the finest glassware money can buy. The Vape Store also brings in the amazing Nova Decarboxilator and the Otto grinder and roller machine.

Model: 510.B88
The BREEZE 510 Thread Breath Activated Battery is a 350mAh breath activated rechargeable battery. It’s 510 thread is the standard for almost all THC and CBD oil cartridges.  It's simple breath activation enabling  simple and optimum vaporising of your oils quality CBD and THC oils . T..
Ex Tax:R391
Model: J.HOOK
The J-Hook Glass Pipe 10mm cool's off and smooth's out your Dynavap vapour, without using any water.  It is basically an extended mouthpiece, and the added length and surface area remove more heat from your vapour as it passes through the glass. Not using water is more travel-friendly..
Ex Tax:R252
Model: 510.B8
The NOVA 510 Thread Variable Voltage Battery is a 350mAh button-activated rechargeable battery. It's 510 thread is the standard for almost all THC and CBD oil cartridges.  It's simple to press button easily clicks through voltage options enabling optimum heating, and the pre-heating functi..
Ex Tax:R391
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