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Model: BB
The Budgie Bubbler is a vertical handheld water filtration tool specifically designed for portable vaporizers such as the Mighty and Crafty, Arizer Solo and Air but it can also be used with a whip-style desktop vaporizer in place of the mouthpiece. The Budgie Bubbler comes with a 14mm or a 10mm G..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQCAR
The DaVinci Car Charger is one of the a ‘must have’ accessories for your pretty little IQ or MIQRO vaporizer. Compatible with virtually any car brand, the 12V USB car charger will recharge your vape while on the go. The charger sports 2 USB ports, 1x 1Amp and 1x 2.1Amp Each order includes: ..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: DVDCHLD
The DaVinci Dosing Capsule Case is the perfect companion for those who use the Dosage Grinder or the Dosage Pods with the DaVinci IQC or IQ2 vaporizers. Crafted from brushed aluminium, the Dosing Capsule Case looks just like the IQ, it’s sturdy and it can hold up to 6 Dosing Capsules with their..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQWPA
One replacement DaVinci IQ 10 Extended Mouthpiece or Water Pipe Adapter with gasket. Identical to the one that came in the box with your IQ, this Zirconia part works as an Extended Mouthpiece or a 10mm water pipe adapter to connect the IQ / IQ 2 to your favorite glass piece.  Each order..
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DaVinci IQ External Battery Charger
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQCHAR
The DaVinci IQ External Battery Charger lets you charge up to two 18650 batteries used by your IQ Vaporizer. Never again run out of juice!   Available in South Africa exclusively through the Vape Store. Each order includes: 1pc DaVinci IQ External Battery Charger  ..
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Model: IQWPA
This Borosilicate Ground Glass Water Adapter for the DaVinci IQ vaporizer, is compatible with 14mm or 18mm female downstem from your water piece. On the other end of the adapter you will fit the 10mm Water Pipe Adapter (or Extended Mouthpiece) supplied by DaVinci with the vaporizer. Each order..
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DaVinci IQ2 / IQC Dosing Capsule Set DaVinci IQ2 / IQC Dosing Capsule Set
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Brand: DaVinci Model: DVSSCPS
Pack of 6 stainless steel dosing capsules for the DaVinci IQ2 and DaVinci IQC herbal vaporizers. The threaded dosing capsule are made from 304 stainless steel, can hold up to .3g of flower, concentrate or a combination thereof. The dosing capsules will make loading on the go a breeze and keep the ov..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQ2EXTKT
The Extract Refill Kit for the IQ2 Vaporizer is one of those must-have replacements when you are using the DaVinci IQ2 for the vaporisation of herbal concentrates. The disks and cotton pads included in this kit can be loaded into a Dosage Pod with your favorite extract, effectively turning your..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQ2MP
One replacement DaVinci IQ2 Flat Mouthpiece with gasket. Lost your mouthpiece or too lazy to clean it? Worry not, we stock only original spare parts and accessories for the DaVinci Vaporizers. The mouthpiece fits only the IQ2 Vaporizer and it comes with its silicone gasket.  Each order ..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQ2FLCH
One replacement Flavor Chamber for the DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer. Ceramic flavor chamber for creating exotic flavor combinations while you vaporize herb. The chamber is made from Zirconia, a material which is x10 stronger than ceramic. The Flavor Chamber comes with its lid and gasket but without th..
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DaVinci IQ2 Pearl
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQ2PRL
Replacement DaVinci IQ2 Pearl with Stud. The DaVinci IQ2 Pearl is a small but very important component for the IQ’s functionality as it emanates heat from the bottom end of the chamber, ensuring even vaporization of your herb. Each order Includes: 1pc DaVinci IQ2 Pearl with Stud &nb..
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DaVinci IQ2/IQC Dosage Pods
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQ2PDS
For easy on the go use, the Dosage Pods Refill Kit for the DaVinci IQC and DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer is a must have. The Dosage Pods can be pre-loaded with your favourite dry flower or extract and stored safely for on-demand use. Each ceramic pod comes with a silicone carrying case that will p..
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