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The Big Buddy Turbo Flame Torch is the newest addition to the USA based Blazer Products, a market leader in refillable butane torches specifically engineered for both professional and home use.     The Turbo Flame Torch features a similar piezo instant ignition system as the Big Shot..
Ex Tax:R765
The Blazer Big Shot GT-8000 is a sturdy and powerful butane refillable torch that features an anti-flare brass-frame nozzle for added safety and flame control.   Big Shot is an industrial tool capable of creating a precise flame used for direct heat application on an object with a design ..
Ex Tax:R1,435
The Blazer Firefox Mini Torch is the newest addition to this high-quality range of refillable butane torches made in Japan. Measuring only 11cm, the FireFox packs all the punch Blazer torches are known for. Featuring a large gas chamber which provides a 20 minute burn time, a powerful 1,370°C wi..
Ex Tax:R500
Model: CNCRD
The Concorde Dual Torch lighter by Vertigo features twin angled flames, a single action ignition system, large flame adjuster placed at the bottom of the lighter’s housing and a clear fuel window to check how much butane you have left. The Concorde metal housing is anodised and with satin finis..
Ex Tax:R391
Model: HONST
The Honest Single Flame Torch Lighter may not be one of the prettiest ones but it’s reliable. To ensure longevity we recommend using 3x or 5x filtered butane fuel. Each order includes: 1pc Single Flame Torch by Honest (Random colour)  ..
Ex Tax:R183
Model: JVLN
The Javelin Single Torch Lighter by Vertigo is arguably one of the best single flame lighters on the market. This stunning lighter produces a strong flame which is adjustable using the adjuster located at the bottom of the unit. The metal housing is anodized and comes in four different colours all w..
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Stinger by Vertigo is a quad  flame torch lighter that will light up to an attitude of 3,650 meter. The Stinger features a clear fuel tank, single action ignition, four wind-resistant torch flames and a large flame adjuster. Each order includes: 1pc Stinger Wind Resistant Lighter ..
Ex Tax:R261
Model: STORM
Storm by Vertigo is a single flame torch lighter that will light up to 1,800 mt of altitude. The Storm Lighter features a translucent fuel tank, windproof coil flame, water resistant locking cap, carabineer attachment and adjustable flame. Each order includes: 1pc Storm Windproof/Waterpr..
Ex Tax:R252
Model: VENOM
Venom 2 by Vertigo is a triple flame torch lighter that will light up to an attitude of 3,350 meter. The Venom 2 features a clear fuel tank, in-line triple flame, large flame adjuster and is wind resistant. Each order includes: 1pc Venom 2 Triple Torch Wind Resistant Lighter  ..
Ex Tax:R278
Model: ATCHE
The Vertigo Attache from Lotus Lighters is a powerful single torch jet flame lighter that features a wind-resistance torch flame that will light up to an altitude of 2100m, a sturdy metal housing with a large fuel adjustment wheel on the bottom of the unit, a clear fuel-level window and a single but..
Ex Tax:R296
Model: ZPL2
The Z-Plus 2 Lighter by Vertigo features a twin pinpoint wind resistant torch flame that lights up to 3,500m of altitude, a removable clear fuel tank system with flame’s adjuster and a black all-metal magnetic housing. A nice thing about this dual torch is that the removable inner of the Z-Plus..
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Z-Plus 2 Insert Z-Plus 2 Insert
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Model: ZPL2IN
The Z-Plus 2 Insert can be used as a replacement for the Vertigo’s Z-Plus 2 Lighter or if you are looking to turn your regular Zippo lighter into a wind-resistant dual torch lighter, the Z-Plus Insert will fit snugly into your existing lighter's housing. The Z-Plus 2 Insert features a twin pinp..
Ex Tax:R243
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