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Brand: Arizer Model: GLWHEQ
The All-Glass Mini Whip Set by Arizer is a new balloon system for the Extreme Q Vaporizer. When using this set you no longer require the silicone tubing for balloon’s inflation and thanks to the all-glass path, your vapour will taste purer. Each order Includes: 1pc ‘All-Glass Mini Whip’ wit..
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Brand: Arizer Model: GMW
One replacement All-Glass Mini Whip with domed screen. This is a replacement part for the Glass Mini Whip Set compatible exclusively with the Extreme Q vaporizer by Arizer. Each order includes: 1pc All-Glass Mini Whip 1pc Arizer Screen  ..
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Brand: Arizer Model: ARCYC
One original Arizer Cyclone Bowl comapatible with the Extreme Q Vaporizer and the V-Tower model. The Cyclone Bowl is made using only the highest quality materials and it includes one screen and black cool-touch topper.  ..
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Arizer Dome Screen 4 Pack
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Brand: Arizer Model: EXQDMSCR
The Arizer Dome Screen Pack includes 4 rimmed dome screen for the Glass Elbow Adapter  and they are comaptible with Arizer Extreme Q and V-Tower Vaporizers. Each order Includes: 4 pcs Rimmed dome screens  ..
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Brand: Arizer Model: AR ELB
One original Arizer Glass Elbow Adapter compatible with Extreme Q Vaporizer as well as V-Tower Vaporizer. The Elbow Adapter is made using only the highest quality materials and to ensure the perfect fit. Each order includes: 1pc Arizer Elbow Adapter  ..
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Brand: Arizer Model: AR COV
One replacement Glass Heater Cover compatible with Extreme Q and V-Tower table top vaporizer. Please note that this OEM Arizer part will only fit Extreme Q / V-Tower models from 2010 to latest. This replacement heater cover includes instructions on how to replace the damaged glass piece..
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Brand: Arizer Model: EQ POW
An original Arizer Power Adapter compatible with Extreme Q vaporizer and with V Tower vaporizer. The Power Supply Adapter is 110v-240v compatible. Each order includes: 1pc Power Supply Adapter 1pc Power Cord  ..
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Arizer Power Pack Battery Arizer Power Pack Battery
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Brand: Arizer Model: ARPPB
The rechargeable Power Pack Battery for Arizer Extreme Q and V-Tower vaporizers will turn your desktop unit into a fully functional portable vaporizer when there are no plugs nearby. The 50W portable battery features 4 preset voltages (8.4V, 12V, 16V, 19V) and enough power to power your vaporizer..
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Brand: Arizer Model: EQ HOSE
One original Arizer Replacement Hose compatible with Extreme Q and V-Tower Vaporizers. This whip hose is 90cm long, FDA approved to inhale from and is composed of high quality, food grade PVC to deliver smooth clean vapor for your vaporizing sessions. We recommend using original ho..
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Brand: Arizer Model: EXQ SCR
One replacement Screen Pack comaptible with Arizer Extreme Q and V-Tower Vaporizers. Each order Includes: 2 pcs Rimmed dome screens 2 pcs Flat screens  ..
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Brand: Arizer Model: EXQ TUFF
This original Arizer Tuff Bowl is compatible with Extreme Q Vaporizer and V-Tower Vaporizer. The Tuff Bowl is essentially identical to the the Cyclone Bowl but it's surrounded with high impact Teflon material to protect the glass from shattering. The Arizer Tuff Bowl includes scree..
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Brand: Arizer Model: EXQ WK
One original Arizer Whip Kit comaptible with Extreme Q Vaporizer and V-Tower Vaporizer. Each Whip Kit includes: 1 meter long food grade tubing Elbow Adapter with screen Glass Mouthpiece Glass Cyclone Bowl Glass stirring tool  ..
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