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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQCAR
The DaVinci Car Charger is one of the a ‘must have’ accessories for your pretty little IQ or MIQRO vaporizer. Compatible with virtually any car brand, the 12V USB car charger will recharge your vape while on the go. The charger sports 2 USB ports, 1x 1Amp and 1x 2.1Amp Each order includes: ..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQWPA
One replacement DaVinci IQ 10/14mm Water Pipe Adapter or Extended Mouthpiece with gasket. Identical to the one that came in the box with your IQ, this Zirconia part works as an Extended Mouthpiece or a 10mm water pipe adapter to connect the IQ to your favorite glass piece.  Each order includ..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQKIT
DaVinci IQ Accessory Kit is a must have pack for your IQ vaporizer. The kit includes some cleaning tools like the chimney brush and alcohol wipes as well as some essential replacement items such as the mouthpiece gasket and spare O-rings for the Flavor Chamber. Each order includes: 1pc IQ C..
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DaVinci IQ Battery
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQBAT
The DaVinci IQ Battery is a 3500mAh high drainage 18650 battery. Never again run out of juice and keep all your spare batteries charged up when using the IQ External Battery Charger. Available in South Africa exclusively through the Vape Store. Each order includes: 1pc DaVinci IQ Battery..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQCHAR
The DaVinci IQ External Battery Charger lets you charge up to two 18650 batteries used by your IQ Vaporizer. Never again run out of juice!   Available in South Africa exclusively through the Vape Store. Each order includes: 1pc DaVinci IQ External Battery Charger  ..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQFLCH
One replacement DaVinci IQ Flavor Chamber made from Zirconia, a material which is x10 stronger than ceramic. If you have misplaced your Flavor Chamber, we have you covered! The Flavor Chamber comes with its lid and gasket. Vape Store South Africa carries original DaVinci spare parts and accessori..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQSPAC
The DaVinci IQ Glass Spacers Set includes 2 borosilicate glass items which are ideal for microdosing when using your DaVinci IQ vaporizer. Each order includes: 1pc 10mm Glass Spacer 1pc 6mm Glass Spacer  ..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQGLV
DaVinci IQ Glove is a functional and stylish silicone sleeve that will protect your IQ Vaporizer from accidental falls and scratches. The IQ Glove will also make your IQ easier to hold when it gets hot in your hands when vaping at higher temperatures. Each order includes: 1pc DaVinci IQ ..
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The DaVinci IQ Leather Sleeve by Zyyde adds an extra layer of protection against accidental falls and scratches. Each Zyyde Sleeve is hand-stiched in South Africa and made out of genuine leather. The sleeve is precision laser cut for full access to both top and bottom lids, side control buttons, ch..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQMP
One replacement DaVinci IQ Zirconia Mouthpiece with gasket. Lost your mouthpiece or too lazy to clean it? Worry not, we stock only original spare parts and accessories for the DaVinci IQ including the mouthpiece for your precious device. Each order includes: 1pc DaVinci IQ Mouthpiece &nbs..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQPRL
One replacement DaVinci IQ Pearl. Please note that the Pearl does not include the stud onto which the Pearl is fastened. The DaVinci IQ Pearl is a small but very important component for the IQ’s functionality as it emanates heat from the bottom end of the chamber, ensuring even vaporization of your..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQCASE
The DaVinci IQ Soft Case is another of those ‘must have’ accessories for your IQ vaporizer. The holding case fits perfectly your precious vape and can also store the charging cable and vape tools. Available in South Africa exclusively through the Vape Store. Each order includes: 1pc DaVinci..
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