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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQCAR
The DaVinci Car Charger is one of the a ‘must have’ accessories for your pretty little IQ or MIQRO vaporizer. Compatible with virtually any car brand, the 12V USB car charger will recharge your vape while on the go. The charger sports 2 USB ports, 1x 1Amp and 1x 2.1Amp Each order includes: ..
Ex Tax:R148
Brand: DaVinci Model: MQRACK
The DaVinci MIQRO Accessory Kit is one of those must have accessory for your vaporizer and it includes the MIQRO Pearl replacement set as well as everything you need to clean and properly maintain the vaporizer. Each Kit Includes: 1pc Gasket and a MIQRO Pearl 4pcs Soft pipe cleaners 4pc..
Ex Tax:R157
Brand: DaVinci Model: MQBAT
One original DaVinci MIQRO Battery. This is a high drainage 18350 battery designed specifically to DaVinci specificatoins for the MIQRO vaporizer. Never again run out of juice! Available in South Africa exclusively through the Vape Store. Each order includes: 1pc DaVinci MIQRO Battery ..
Ex Tax:R200
Brand: DaVinci Model: MQMP
Replacement DaVinci MIQRO Flat Mouthpiece with silicone gasket. Made out of 100% zirconium ceramic, this mouthpiece allows you to draw the purest flavor on every session. Each order includes: 1pc DaVinci MIQRO Flat Mouthpiece 1pc Silicone Gasket  ..
Ex Tax:R165
Brand: DaVinci Model: MQGLV
DaVinci MIQRO Glove is a functional and stylish silicone sleeve that will protect your MIQRO Vaporizer from accidental falls and scratches. The silicone Glove will also make holding your MIQRO easier when vaping at higher temperatures. Each order includes: 1pc DaVinci MIQRO Glove (Black)..
Ex Tax:R217
Brand: DaVinci Model: MQVPATH
A replacement DaVinci MIQRO Vapor Path. Made from 100% zirconium ceramic, the MIQRO will deliver the purest flavor, draw after draw. Each order includes: 1pc DaVinci MIQRO Vapor Path  ..
Ex Tax:R165
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