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Tronian Omegatron Tronian Omegatron
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Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: OMGTR
Introducing the Tronian Omegatron, a Vapour Cup style portable vaporizer designed for the vaporisation of solid concentrates and provide a unique ‘drinkable’ vapour experience. The Tronian Omegatron is compatible with herbal concentrates of any kind of viscosity (wax, dab, shatter, rosin, Simps..
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Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: ARCFLSCR
The ZEUS ARC Flow Sink Screen is made from stainless mesh and it should be replaced when it has lost its shape or even better every time you undertake a thorough ZEUS ARC cleaning. The Sink Screen is located at the bottom of the ARC’s oven and it can be removed using the long Flow Sink Tool that ori..
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Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: GTHETSNK
The ZEUS ARC GT Heatsink is the component that helps reducing the vapour’s heat and captures smaller particles of dry botanical. When this component is damaged, or missing, the ARC GT will not perform at its best. Each order includes:1pc ARC GT Heatsink..
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Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer Zeus ARC GT Vaporizer
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Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: ARCGT
Introducing the Zeus ARC GT vaporizer, one of the most powerful high-performance portable vape for dry herb. Engineered in Germany the Zeus ARC GT features exceptional built quality and performance; gold-plated chamber, heat sink and vapor path to preserve the flavor and quickly dissipating the h..
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Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: ZSARCGTSHB
The Zeus Arc GTS Hub package is a complete vaporizer set which provides you with everything you need to start vaping quickly and conveniently, a perfect session from the get go. Released in 2022, the 3rd generation ZEUS Arc GTS Vaporizer has now bee optimised for better flavour and vapour produ..
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Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: ZUSPDS
The Zeus ArcPod is a pod system that provides the simplest solution for vaping on the go. Compatible with the ZEUS ARC GT and with the newer GTS vaporizers, the ArcPods are designed to be used with dry herb. Simply pop in the filled pod into your vaporizer and enjoy the perfectly consistent vaporiza..
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Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: BOLT
The ZEUS Bolt 2 is a medium size 4pc herbal grinder made from Aircraft Grade Anodised Aluminum and its diamond cut teeth are calibrated to grind your herbs to the perfect consistency for vaporization. Measuring 5.5cm in diameter and 4.5cm in height, the Bolt 2 features an ultra-fine stainless steel ..
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Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: CHRG
The ZEUS CHARGE is one of those must have accessories for your ZEUS Vaporizer. The size of an iPhone, the CHARGE packs 5,000mAh of power that can be used to recharge your vaporizer while on the go or away from civilization. The ZEUS CHARGE is a perfect fit for the ZEUS Armor where you can store your..
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Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: ZUSHUB
Introducing the ZUES HUB kit, the grinding, packing and storage solution designed for the Zeus Vaporisers. Designed to accommodate 3rd generation vaporizers from German manufacturer Zeus, the HUB works as a home station for filling and unloading your ArcPods as well as a tidy storage space and ..
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ZEUS Iceborn Wear and Tear Set
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Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: ICBRNWT
The ZEUS Iceborn Wear and Tear Set is a care package for the Iceborn Water (ice actually) Filtration System that includes all the components you may need to replace after several months of use. The package includes three different tubes, a lid washer, the top tube washer, and the bottom tube washer...
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Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: PURFY
The ZEUS Purify Kit includes all the items needed for a proper maintenance of your ZEUS ARC vaporizer. Regular maintenance will not only prolong the life of your vaporizer but most importantly the vaporizer will deliver clean and pure vapour. Ever heard of the phrase “A clean vaporizer is a happy va..
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Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: ZUSTMPL
The ZEUS Temple is a beautifully crafted storage box, or kief box, designed to extract the moisture from your botanicals while protecting your precious flowers from accidental bruising. The ZEUS Temple is made from grade A mahogany wood and finished off with eight layers of high-gloss black varnish...
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