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Brand: AirVape Model: ARVXMP
This is a full replacement Mouthpiece for the AirVape X portable vaporizer. The mouthpiece includes the Ceramic Mouthpiece, Magnetic Lid and replacement screen with Ceramic AirFlow Box. Each order invcludes: 1pc Full AirVape X Mouthpiece  ..
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Airvape XS GO Mouthpiece
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Brand: AirVape Model: GOMP
A replacement Airvape XS GO Mouthpiece for the GO vaporiser. Compatible exclusively with the XS GO vaporizer by AirVape, the mouthpiece includes also one sturdy screen replacement and the Ceramic Air Flow Box. Each order includes: 1pc AirVape XS GO Mouthpiece..
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Brand: AirVape Model: GOSCR
Pack of AirVape XS GO Screens. This pack includes a total 6 replacement screens for AirVape XS GO; the 3 sturdy screens are to be used as a replacement inside the XS GO Magnetic Mouthpiece and 3 soft stainless steel mesh screens are to be used at the bottom of the oven. Each order includes:3pcs AirV..
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Brand: AirVape Model: AIRVPCUP
One Concentrate Cup for AirVape X and AirVape XS portable vaporizer. Out of the box the AirVape XS and AirVape X work exclusively with dry material but when you will be able to vaporize oils and waxes when using the Concentrate Cup. Please note: this is for condensed material ONLY! It is NOT i..
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Model: XSSCR
One Screen Pack for the AirVape XS or AirVape X portable vaporizer. The AirVape XS pack includes 3 sturdy replacement screens for the XS mouthpiece and 2 replacement screens for the XS Chamber. The AirVape X screen pack includes 3 sturdy Replacement Screens for the AirVape X Ceramic Mouthpiece..
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