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FlashVAPE Parts

One replacement Heating Element Screen for FlashVAPE Vaporizer Each replacement heating element screen features pre-formed channels which makes installation easy and trouble less.  Each order includes: 1pc FlashVAPE Heating Element Screen  ..
Ex Tax:R90
Model: FV BAT
One set of high-capacity Li-Ion rechargeable batteries for FlashVAPE vaporizer. These are the stock 3.2V batteries OR the 3.7V compatible with the Stage 2 Kit. Please select upon adding to your cart. Each order includes: 2pc FlashVAPE Batteries   ..
Ex Tax:R190
Model: FV FS
One pack of 2 Replacement Filter Screen for FlashVAPE Vaporizer. With regular use the filter screen inside swival cap may get clogged.  Each order includes: 2pc Filter Screen 2pc Rubber O-ring  ..
Ex Tax:R180
Model: FV SCR
One set of Replacement Screen for FlashVAPE Vaporizer. These are the tabbed screen that sit inside the bowl of your vaporizer. Each order includes: 2pc Tabbed Screen  ..
Ex Tax:R150
Model: FV S2 BAT CHA
One original FlashVAPE Quick Battery Charger specifically engineered to use with Stage-2 3.7V batteries. The charger will fit only one battery at the time. Each order includes: 1pc Quick Battery Charger   ..
Ex Tax:R170
Model: FV T
One set of Glass Draw Tube for FlashVAPE Vaporizer which includes the silicone fitting tips. Each order includes: 5pc Glass Tubes 5pc Silicone Tips  ..
Ex Tax:R122
Stage 2 Kit FlashVAPE
-49 %
Model: FV S2K
The FlashVAPE STAGE-2 KIT turns the vaporizer from conduction to convection vaporizer. This is a must have mod for the cloud chaser!  Simply lift the removable tabbed screen in your FV, add the special S-2 ceramic spacer above the stainless steel heating element screen inside ..
R230 R450
Ex Tax:R200
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