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Tronian Parts

Replacement parts and accessories for the Tronian Vaporisers, like the Tronian Omegatron Cup Vaporizer. 

Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: GLSCROMTR
The Tronian Omegatron Glass Core Heating Element has been designed for those seeking purity and richness of the vapour, great efficiency and maximum flavour. At the bottom of the chamber the small glass pieces will allow the heat to distribute more evenly, reducing hot spots and increasing..
Ex Tax:R452
Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: OMGTRGLCP
The Tronian Omegatron Glass Cup is built to last but if your dog’s happy tail knocks it over your tiles floor, chances are that it may break. But fear not, we have the replacement for you :-)The Glass Cup is made from borosilicate glass and meticulously constructed to ensure performance as well as e..
Ex Tax:R565
Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: TRPLHLXOMTR
The Tronian Omegatron Triple Helix Heating Element is an alternative to the standard Glass Core Heating Element. The Triple Helix produces a lot of vapour, ensuring a satisfying experience for users. Drop your concentrate onto the coils that will heat up rapidly and create dense vapour. Fill the Gla..
Ex Tax:R417
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