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55% Integra Boost 8 gram pack
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Model: BOOST
The 55% Integra Boost Humidity Pack is used for maintaining relative humidity at 55% in a contained environment. Integra Boost is a salt-free solution and a 2-way humidity regulator that releases or absorb moisture and maintain it at optimum humidity level. Boost will prevent mold from forming, ..
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One replacement 62% Boveda pack compatible with small, medium and large and extra-large CVaults. For the extra large CVault (2 liters) you can choose the 67 gram pack while for the smaller CVaults the 8 gram pack will be sufficient. 2-way humidity control works by continually responding and adjus..
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The CVault by FreshStor offers the ultimate curing and storage container. Thanks to its 62% 2-Way Humidity Control system, the CVault will preserve all oils, character and flavour of your stored material. All natural elements, no chemicals! Constructed of durable 18/10 food grade stainless steel,..
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Made from the highest grade silicone, the Higher Standard Storage Container can hold your precious dabbing material inside four separate compartment within the container. Durable, non-stick and compact, the HS Silicone Container will keep your waxy concentrates fresh and mess-free. The prism-shap..
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Like any Higher Standard product, the Small Storage Container is made from high-quality material and made to last. This pretty little dab non-stick container can safely store your precious dabbing material safely and mess-free. The container is shaped in a triangle and measures 3cm x 3cm x 3cm an..
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NoGoo Clear Container NoGoo Clear Container
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Brand: NoGoo Model: NGCL
The NoGoo Clear Container is the perfect non-stick solution to storing your herbal concentrates. Anything from the most to the least viscous concentrates such as wax, shatter or oil, can be stored without any mess. The NoGoo containers are made from Food Grade Silicone, they are heat resistant up..
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NoGoo NONSTICK Container
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Brand: NoGoo Model: NOGOO CONT
The NoGoo NONSTICK Container are made of Food Grade Silicone that allows you to get 100% of any sticky substance out without leaving anything on the sides of the jar. Using glass or plastic containers can be costly (because of the concentrate left behind), can be unsafe and may not work for you. Swi..
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RYOT Glass Jar RYOT Glass Jar
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Model: RYOT
The RYOT Glass Jar is made of durable glass and features an integrated Bamboo Rolling Tray Lid. The RYOT jar is airtight thanks to its non-toxic Silicone Freshness Seal that keeps the contents safe and fresh. This jar is eco-friendly, plastic free, non toxic and with a capacity of 133 milliliters..
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Ryot Humidor Combo Box Ryot Humidor Combo Box
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Model: RYTBX
The Ryot Humidor Combo Box is a beautiful and solidly constructed storage box designed for keeping your valuable flowers in a safe and controlled environment or to store your small smoking accessories. The Ryot Combo Box is built entirely with untreated wood (interior) and finished off with an exter..
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Storage Container (Stash Case) by SCS Storage Container (Stash Case) by SCS
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Brand: Santa Cruz Shredder Model: SCS SC
The Storage Container (or Stash Case) by Santa Cruz Shredders is created from a single piece of high grade aluminum and they are the perfect way to secure your ingredients freshness overtime. The screw air-tight seal will keep everything contained as fresh as they day you've placed..
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Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: ZUSTMPL
The ZEUS Temple is a beautifully crafted storage box, or kief box, designed to extract the moisture from your botanicals while protecting your precious flowers from accidental bruising. The ZEUS Temple is made from grade A mahogany wood and finished off with eight layers of high-gloss black varnish...
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