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One replacement 58% Boveda pack compatible with small, medium and large and extra-large CVaults. For the extra large CVault (2 liters) you can choose the 67 gram pack while for the smaller CVaults the 8 gram pack will be sufficient. 2-way humidity control works by continually responding and adjus..
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Brand: NoGoo Model: BSSILJR
The Blazy Susan Dab Jars are made from Premium Food Grade Silicone that allows you to get 100% of any sticky substance out of the jar without leaving anything on the inside.  The Blazy Susan Silicone Containers are made specifically to store various concentrates and to maintain them fre..
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The CVault by FreshStor offers the ultimate curing and storage container. Thanks to its 62% 2-Way Humidity Control system, the CVault will preserve all oils, character and flavour of your stored material. All natural elements, no chemicals! Constructed of durable 18/10 food grade stainless steel,..
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DaVinci IQ2/IQC Odor Resistant Airtight Case DaVinci IQ2/IQC Odor Resistant Airtight Case
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Model: C10.C
The DaVinci IQ Odor Resistant Airtight Case from CLOUD TEN is designed to travel and protect  the Davinci IQ2, and the Davinci IQC and accessories . The DaVinci IQ Odor Resistant Airtight Case also INCLUDES A FREE HERB CANISTER and a CLOUD TEN 4pc ALUMINIUM GRINDER.The solid silicone inser..
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Dewbie Handmade Humidifier Stone Dewbie Handmade Humidifier Stone
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Model: DWB
The Dewbie Humidifier Stone is designed to hydrate stale cannabis, it’s easy to use and it will last you virtually forever if you take care of it. Handmade in Canada from uncoated natural terracotta clay which is then baked in a kiln oven, the Dewbie stone is to be used when you want to rehydra..
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Brand: DynaVap Model: SLNGSTS
The SlingStash for Dynavap vaporizers is the perfect accessory to have when you are on-the-go. The SlingStash will store your device, stash your favourite dry herb and you can even remove the hot cap using the built-in decapper. The SlingStash is smell-proff and will protect your vaporizer from..
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Made from the highest grade silicone, the Higher Standard Storage Container can hold your precious dabbing material inside four separate compartment within the container. Durable, non-stick and compact, the HS Silicone Container will keep your waxy concentrates fresh and mess-free. The prism-shap..
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Model: HSJAR
The Higher Standards Re: Stash Jar is an airtight and reusable storage jar for your precious flowers with a capacity of 240ml. The Re: Stash features a black lid made in the US with recycled materials, it is resealable and its lid is child-resistant. A thick glass masonry jar inner covered by a..
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Model: JAR.F
The JYARZ Classic Funnel is cut from a single block aluminum and then anodized. It is super lightweight but ultra strong and durable. The JYARZ funnel is made to last a lifetime. The Classic's Funnel makes it quick and easy to transfer herbal material to the glass core of the JYARZ Classic. The funn..
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Model: JAR.G
JYARZ's Classic Gasket Upgrade Kit enhances  your JYARZ Classic with new a silicone gasket and a brand new high quality shock absorber. The JYARZ Classic Gasket Upgrades are non-toxic and chemically inert, and help lock in your herbal fragrances. Each kit contains three gaskets.  The ..
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Model: JAR.core
The JYARZ Classic Glass Core ( with lid ) is a replacement borosilicate glass core for the glass inner of your JYRAZ New Classic Stash Jar that comes with a suitable HDPE lid.Each order includes:1pc JYARZ Classic Glass Core1pc JYARZ Classic Lid..
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Model: JAR.1
The JYARZ New Classic STASH Jar is a glass lined, air tight, eco-consious and small stash jar that keeps your herb super fresh, and will stand up to all the extremes on your next adventure. JYARZ 's unique TripleBlock design offers three layers of freshness, enhancing  your dankness and od..
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