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Atmos Greedy Attachment (510 Threading) Atmos Greedy Attachment (510 Threading)
-17 %
Brand: Atmos Model: GREDY
The Atmos Greedy is a great device to use with your waxy concentrates. Entirely made form medical grade stainless steel, the Greedy is compatible with any mod or battery that uses a 510 thread. The Greedy heating Chamber is capable of holding a considerable amount of wax and it features an adjust..
R749 R900
Ex Tax:R651
3D Cooling Glass Stem for DynaVap
-19 %
Brand: DynaVap Model: DYNVP3D
The 3D Cooling Glass Stem works with any DynaVap Tip. Gently twist the DynaVap’s Tip while pushing it into the 3D Glass Stem and then heat up the Tip as usual.The design of this borosilicate glass stem, with its internal indentations, adds extra length to the path that the vapour has to travel and t..
R290 R360
Ex Tax:R252
Atmos Kiln / Kiln RA Cartridge (510 Threading) Atmos Kiln / Kiln RA Cartridge (510 Threading)
-25 %
Brand: Atmos Model: KILNRA
The Atmos Kiln / Kiln RA Cartridge was designed for true waxy connoisseurs and compatible with any battery with 510 thread. The Kiln RA sports a deep ceramic chamber capable of handling huge dabs, a rebuildable atomizer, 100% ceramic body for purer vapour and heat retention. The difference bet..
R600 R800
Ex Tax:R522
Concentrate Capsule - Vie Vaporizer
-38 %
The Vie Concentrate Capsule for waxes and oils are designed to maximize heating and deliver great flavour and good vapor without any spillage or waste. The Concentrate Capsule are refillable and can be pre-loaded for a discreet and quick capsule swap in between sessions. The capsules are stored i..
R99 R160
Ex Tax:R86
Dr. Dabber Boost Black Heating Module
-17 %
Brand: Dr. Dabber Model: BOOSTHEAT
The Dr. Dabber Boost Black Edition Heating Element is a replacement component for your Dr. Dabber eRig. Please note that this is not a standalone component and it requires the Dr. Dabber Boost Black Kit in order to function correctly. Each order includes: 1pc Boost Black Edition Heating El..
R950 R1,150
Ex Tax:R826
DynaVap Glass Mouthpiece
-22 %
Brand: DynaVap Model: 3DMPDV
This Glass Mouthpiece for DynaVap probably is one of the nicest one we’ve seen! This high quality borosilicate glass mouthpiece features handcrafted indentations that works as a 3D vapour cooling system. Two small glass legs for when you are resting the hot vaporizer on a surface and a clutch hole.T..
R295 R380
Ex Tax:R257
DynaVap NonaVonG Vaporizer DynaVap NonaVonG Vaporizer
-12 %
Brand: DynaVap Model: NONVNG
The NonaVong Vaporizer from DynaVap is a durable and efficient pen-style vaporizer designed specifically to fit into any 14mm water pipe connector, adding moisture to the tasty vapor produced by this battery-free vaporizer.  Powered by an external torch lighter, standard lighter or even cand..
R1,590 R1,800
Ex Tax:R1,383
G Pen Connect Vaporizer G Pen Connect Vaporizer
-16 %
Brand: Grenco Science Model: GPCNCT
The G Pen Connect Vaporizer is an e-nail that will turn any water pipe into a proper dab rig, whilst eliminating the need of a torch and the danger of an exposed nail. The G Pen Connect features a combination of patented reverse airflow technology and a ceramic heating chamber for an efficient ..
R1,900 R2,250
Ex Tax:R1,652
Brand: Grenco Science Model: GPROAM
The G Pen Roam Vaporizer is the latest release from Grenco Science and is designed specifically for waxes and herbal concentrate lovers when on the go.The Roam Vaporizer features an internal water filtration system dubbed the “Hydro-Tube” and this will ensure that you’ll get fresh and tasty draws, p..
R2,400 R2,600
Ex Tax:R2,087
GRAV Clear Classic Steamroller
-15 %
Model: RL25.0
Talk about beauty in simplicity. The GRAV Clear Classic Steamroller is an 18cm uninterrupted tube of crystal clear borosilicate glass.  Steamrollers are excellent for building up big clouds for a hefty hit, and the Grav Classic Steamroller does the job with such style, whilst keeping your exper..
R299 R350
Ex Tax:R260
GRAV Clear Mini Steamroller GRAV Clear Mini Steamroller
-22 %
Model: RL19.0
GRAV's Clear Mini Steamroller is just perfect if you're on the go but still want a piece for your dry herb that packs a real punch. Made from borosilicate glass, it has a discreet shape and small size of just 12cm that fits comfortably in a pocket or a pencil case, but still delivers proper steamrol..
R210 R270
Ex Tax:R183
GRAV Helix Steamroller 6"
-13 %
Model: HX.RL25.0
The large GRAV Helix Steamroller 6" is 15cm long and is made of 25mm borosilicate glass tubing. Its Venturi chamber mouthpiece features three air intake holes that cool and spin the smoke, creating an awesome cooling smoking experience.  Two feet stabilize the piece between uses, and ..
R780 R900
Ex Tax:R678
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