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Crafty Vaporizer Crafty Vaporizer
-19 %
Brand: Storz & Bickel Model: CRAFTY
The Crafty Vaporizer is the smaller of the two portable vaporizers which were recently introduced by the German manufacturer Storz & Bickel, famous for the Volcano and Plenty table top vaporizers. Weighing just 135g, the Crafty uses a combination of convection and conduction to efficiently va..
R3,991 R4,900
Ex Tax:R3,470
Brand: DaVinci Model: MIQRO
The DaVinci MIQRO is the smallest battery operated vaporizer in the industry but yet still comes loaded with features. Sleek and simple, the MIQRO Vaporizer is about a third smaller than its bigger brother -the IQ- but without compromising on performance or vapor quality. Same as for the IQ, the..
R2,208 R2,400
Ex Tax:R1,920
G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer
-13 %
Brand: Grenco Science Model: LXE
The G Pen Nova LXE is the latest pen style vaporizer from Grenco Science designed specifically for the vaporisation of herbal concentrates. Within the upgraded Nova LXE ceramic atomiser, a patented reverse airflow and 'check' ball valve system which is capable of delivering uniform and balanced h..
R861 R990
Ex Tax:R749
Concentrate Capsule - Vie Vaporizer
-18 %
The Vie Concentrate Capsule for waxes and oils are designed to maximize heating and deliver great flavour and good vapor without any spillage or waste. The Concentrate Capsule are refillable and can be pre-loaded for a discreet and quick capsule swap in between sessions. The capsules are stored i..
R131 R160
Ex Tax:R114
JaK D’Rippa e-nail by Magic Flight JaK D’Rippa e-nail by Magic Flight
-19 %
Brand: Magic Flight Manufacturers Model: JDR
Introducing JaK D’Rippa Enail from Magic Flight, the newest vaporization device for the concentrate enthusiast. True to Magic Flight form, creators of the hugely popular Launch Box vaporizer, the JaK D’Rippa (or JDR) is hand-carved in San Diego from high-grade maple wood, it’s efficient, inexpensiv..
R1,990 R2,450
Ex Tax:R1,730
KandyPens Feather KandyPens Feather
-28 %
Brand: KandyPens Model: FETHR
The KandyPens Feather is a beautiful, very compact and highly rated e-cig vaporizer made to be used with nicotine salts e-juices. Despite its small size and feather-like weight, the Feather is a robust and powerful air-activated vaporizer that utilizes a 2ml refillable pod system. The replaceable..
R446 R620
Ex Tax:R388
KISS Cartomizer for Omicron
-45 %
Brand: W9 Tech Model: KISS
One replacement Delta9 KISS Cartomizer compatible with Omicron Vaporizer. In appearance, the KISS heating element looks similar to most of the skillet/heaters found on pen style vapes. However a closer look reveals a ceramic wick wrapped with a Ti grade 2 coil. This ceramic wick replaces the standar..
R150 R270
Ex Tax:R130
Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box
-19 %
Brand: Magic Flight Manufacturers Model: MAUD
The Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box by Magic Flight is a small yet powerful vaporizer specifically designed to easily, quickly and safely vaporize concentrates, oils and herbal extracts. Made from Walnut wood and carefully handcrafted in California by the same company behind the popular Lau..
R1,869 R2,300
Ex Tax:R1,625
Stage 2 Kit FlashVAPE
-49 %
Model: FV S2K
The FlashVAPE STAGE-2 KIT turns the vaporizer from conduction to convection vaporizer. This is a must have mod for the cloud chaser!  Simply lift the removable tabbed screen in your FV, add the special S-2 ceramic spacer above the stainless steel heating element screen inside ..
R230 R450
Ex Tax:R200
Stinger (Quad Torch) Stinger (Quad Torch)
-15 %
Stinger by Vertigo is a quad  flame torch lighter that will light up to an attitude of 3,650 meter. The Stinger features a clear fuel tank, single action ignition, four wind-resistant torch flames and a large flame adjuster. Each order includes: 1pc Stinger Wind Resistant Lighter ..
R220 R260
Ex Tax:R191
The Martian Bubbler The Martian Bubbler
-25 %
Model: MRTN
The Martian is the first water filtration system for your rolled items, and it works like a bomb! Developed and hand-blown in the US by MJ’S Arsenal, the Martian is the original Blunt Bubbler and it features a spill proof design, ergonomically placed carb hole to allow for a natural grip and it c..
R337 R450
Ex Tax:R293
Vie Vaporizer Vie Vaporizer
-16 %
Model: VIE
The Vie Vaporizer is a premium quality portable vape but with a very affordable price tag. If you are looking for an inexpensive vaporizer that can do both dry herb and herbal concentrates, than look no further because this little vaporizer provides an unparalleled experience at a fair price. The..
R966 R1,150
Ex Tax:R840
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