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Brand: Grenco Science Model: LXE
The G Pen Nova LXE is the latest pen style vaporizer from Grenco Science designed specifically for the vaporisation of herbal concentrates. Within the upgraded Nova LXE ceramic atomiser, a patented reverse airflow and 'check' ball valve system which is capable of delivering uniform and balanced h..
R900 R990
Ex Tax:R783
Silver Surfer Vaporizer Silver Surfer Vaporizer
-23 %
Brand: 7th Floor Model: SSV
**LATEST VERSION with hands free Ground Glass Wand** The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is not just a table top vaporizer but a piece of art! This beautiful and highly customisable vaporizer adheres to the high quality standards that their makers -7th Floor- are renowned for. Each SSV comes with a custom h..
R3,950 R5,100
Ex Tax:R3,435
The Big Buddy Turbo Flame Torch is the newest addition to the USA based Blazer Products, a market leader in refillable butane torches specifically engineered for both professional and home use.     The Turbo Flame Torch features a similar piezo instant ignition system as the Big Shot..
R800 R880
Ex Tax:R696
Model: BDKPS
The BudKups are reusable loading capsules designed specifically for the PAX 2 and PAX 3 vaporisers. Preload them with your favourite bud (grind first) and swap them out in a flash while you are waiting for the traffic light to turn green….and without worrying to lose your screen. These are the lates..
R360 R380
Ex Tax:R313
Brand: DynaVap Model: MCOL
The Dynavap 2019 Colored ‘M’ series is a one of a kind limited edition version of the popular 'M' vaporizer. The Colored 'M' is produced in three different variants, Black (Phantom), Gold (Aurum) and Pink (Rosium). Constructed in the USA using the highest quality medical grade stainless steel, the D..
R1,550 R1,650
Ex Tax:R1,348
EasyHome Portable Rosin Press - 500Kg Pressing Force EasyHome Portable Rosin Press - 500Kg Pressing Force
New -5 %
The EasyHome Portable Rosin Press is durable, efficient and it looks great; it’s the ideal light weight personal rosin press, the fastest ways to extract resin from botanical.The EasyHome features a manual pressing force of over 500kg, a sturdy made, adjustable pressure knob, 50 x 75mm dual heating ..
R3,700 R3,900
Ex Tax:R3,217
Ground Glass Heater Cover for SSV
-14 %
Brand: 7th Floor Model: SSV GG HEA
This original Ground Glass Heater Cover for Silver Surfer Vaporizer is made from the highest quality borosilicate glass and handblown by 7th Floor glass master blowers. The GG Heater Cover offers a perfect glass on glass connection with no air leakage and is designed for user with the SSV Groun..
R345 R400
Ex Tax:R300
Happy Hippie Bags (Bubble Bags) Happy Hippie Bags (Bubble Bags)
-13 %
Constructed with the best materials and heavy duty stitching, the Happy Hippie Bags are all you need to produce high quality herbal extract from left over trim, with no contaminants. These revolutionary bubble bags help remove dust and unwanted contamination using only ice, water, and high quality m..
R1,350 R1,549
Ex Tax:R1,174
Model: MAGMA
Introducing the Magma Percolator for Volcano vaporizer. Designed to work exclusively with the Volcano Easy Valve system, the Magma can maximize the efficiency of your Volcano, increase the vapor’s humidity while reducing its temperature before it enters the Volcano’s balloon.   Magma is cons..
R960 R1,050
Ex Tax:R835
The Martian Bubbler The Martian Bubbler
-25 %
Model: MRTN
The Martian is the first water filtration system for your rolled items, and it works like a bomb! Developed and hand-blown in the US by MJ’S Arsenal, the Martian is the original Blunt Bubbler and it features a spill proof design, ergonomically placed carb hole to allow for a natural grip and it c..
R337 R450
Ex Tax:R293
Vapolution 3 Vaporizer Vapolution 3 Vaporizer
-18 %
Brand: Vapolution Model: VAP3
The Vapolution 3 is the only desktop vaporizer to offer a glass-on-glass vapour path along with a precise digital control and the result is pure and tasty vapour backed by high efficiency. Constructed in the USA with quality materials, the Vapolution 3 (or VAP 3) is also one of the few vaporizers..
R4,000 R4,900
Ex Tax:R3,478
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