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G Pen Elite Vaporizer G Pen Elite Vaporizer
-12 %
Brand: Grenco Science Model: ELT
The G Pen Elite Vaporizer is the newest portable vaporizer by Grenco Science compatible with dry herbs. Engineered specifically for superior vaporization of your ground material, the G Pen Elite features a compact body without sacrificing its stylish appearance, a brilliant LED display for precis..
R1,990 R2,251
Ex Tax:R1,730
Arizer Air Vaporizer Arizer Air Vaporizer
-12 %
Brand: Arizer Model: AIR
The Arizer Air Vaporizer is the newest portable vaporizer from the highly regarded Canadian manufacturer Arizer Tech. Remarkably smaller than its predecessor Solo, the Air Vaporizer is a powerful, efficient, and ultra-compact portable vaporizer, featuring a high quality ceramic heating element, glas..
R2,990 R3,401
Ex Tax:R2,600
Brand: Dr. Dabber Model: BUDCUT
The Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter is a multi-purpose heated device designed specifically for handling anything from sticky to hard-to-manage oils and waxes. Designed for dab connoisseurs, the Budder Cutter comes with 7 interchangeable heating tips each performing a specific task. The heat source of..
R590 R650
Ex Tax:R513
DaVinci IQ Leather Sleeve DaVinci IQ Leather Sleeve
-17 %
The DaVinci IQ Leather Sleeve by Zyyde adds an extra layer of protection against accidental falls and scratches. Each Zyyde Sleeve is hand-stiched in South Africa and made out of genuine leather. The sleeve is precision laser cut for full access to both top and bottom lids, side control buttons, ch..
R490 R590
Ex Tax:R426
Dr. Dabber Boost eRig Mod Attachment Dr. Dabber Boost eRig Mod Attachment
-21 %
Brand: Dr. Dabber Model: BOOSTMOD
The Dr. Dabber Boost eRig Mod Attachment is now universal as it fits any 510 threader battery. This revolutionary gadget has been developed specifically for the use with waxy concentrates. The Heating Unit included in the Boost 510 Attachment is compatible with any Mod battery sporting a 510 thre..
R1,298 R1,650
Ex Tax:R1,129
Firefly 2 Vaporizer Firefly 2 Vaporizer
-35 %
Brand: Firefly Model: FF2
The Firefly 2 Vaporizer is the second iteration of the world’s most sophisticated -on demand- portable vaporizer. Smaller and lighter than the original Firefly, the Firefly 2 heats up in just 3 seconds and thanks to the borosilicate glass path and a glass-lined chamber, it delivers cool and tasty va..
R3,199 R4,900
Ex Tax:R2,782
FlashVAPE Replacement Filter Screen
-56 %
Model: FV FS
One pack of 2 Replacement Filter Screen for FlashVAPE Vaporizer. With regular use the filter screen inside swival cap may get clogged.  Each order includes: 2pc Filter Screen 2pc Rubber O-ring  ..
R80 R180
Ex Tax:R80
FlashVAPE Replacement Screen
-47 %
Model: FV SCR
One set of Replacement Screen for FlashVAPE Vaporizer. These are the tabbed screen that sit inside the bowl of your vaporizer. Each order includes: 2pc Tabbed Screen  ..
R80 R150
Ex Tax:R80
G Pen Pro Vaporizer G Pen Pro Vaporizer
-13 %
Brand: Grenco Science Model: GPENPRO
The G Pen Pro is the latest addition to the Greco Science range of pen-style herbal vaporizers. A major upgrade from the original G Pen vaporizer, the G Pen Pro features a similar design to the G Pen Elite but just over half its size. Extremely portable and discreet, the G Pen Pro is a single but..
R1,390 R1,600
Ex Tax:R1,209
IOLITE Battery
-31 %
Brand: Oglesby & Butler Model: IOL BAT
The IOLITE Battery offers five times the power of a normal pen vaporizers thanks to its new electronic function capable of improving efficiency and power consumption. The 3.7V rechargeable battery has a built-in microchip that prevent over charging as well as power saving and safety functions lik..
R160 R230
Ex Tax:R139
IOLITE Extended Mouthpiece
-40 %
Brand: Oglesby & Butler Model: IOL EXT
A pack of 3 Extended Mouthpieces for IOLITE Vaporizer. This newest version of original IOLITE straws is equipped with stainless steel threads. Each order includes: 3 pc. Short Mouthpiece 3 pc. Extender 3 pc. Mouthpiece tip  ..
R90 R150
Ex Tax:R78
IOLITE Filling Chamber
-31 %
Brand: Oglesby & Butler Model: IOL CHA
IOLITE Replacement Filling Chamber for IOLITE Vaporizer. This replacement chamber includes the latest version's mouthpiece with the stainless steel threads. Each order includes: 1pc Stainless Steel Chanber 1pc Mouthpiece 1pc Cooling Mouthtip  ..
R181 R260
Ex Tax:R157
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