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Crafty Vaporizer Crafty Vaporizer
-10 %
Brand: Storz & Bickel Model: CRAFTY
The Crafty Vaporizer is the smaller of the two portable vaporizers which were recently introduced by the German manufacturer Storz & Bickel, famous for the Volcano and Plenty table top vaporizers. Weighing just 135g, the Crafty uses a combination of convection and conduction to efficiently va..
R4,400 R4,900
Ex Tax:R3,826
Brand: DaVinci Model: MIQRO
The DaVinci MIQRO is the smallest battery operated vaporizer in the industry but yet still comes loaded with features. Sleek and simple, the MIQRO Vaporizer is about a third smaller than its bigger brother -the IQ- but without compromising on performance or vapor quality. Same as for the IQ, the..
R2,208 R2,400
Ex Tax:R1,920
G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer
-13 %
Brand: Grenco Science Model: LXE
The G Pen Nova LXE is the latest pen style vaporizer from Grenco Science designed specifically for the vaporisation of herbal concentrates. Within the upgraded Nova LXE ceramic atomiser, a patented reverse airflow and 'check' ball valve system which is capable of delivering uniform and balanced h..
R861 R990
Ex Tax:R749
Puffco Peak Vaporizer Puffco Peak Vaporizer
-11 %
Brand: Puffco Model: PEAK
The Puffco Peak Vaporizer from well known Puffco, is a revolutionary dabbing rig device for vaping concentrates that combines the concept of an e-nail to a ‘smart bong’. The Peak is a game-changer capable to vaporize your herbal concentrates with the push of a button in just under 25 seconds whil..
R4,950 R5,550
Ex Tax:R4,304
Brand: 7th Floor Model: SSV
**LATEST VERSION with hands free Ground Glass Wand** The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is not just a table top vaporizer but a piece of art! This beautiful and highly customisable vaporizer adheres to the high quality standards that their makers -7th Floor- are renowned for. Each SSV comes with a custom h..
R3,961 R4,350
Ex Tax:R3,444
55% Integra Boost 8 gram pack
-15 %
Model: BOOST
The 55% Integra Boost Humidity Pack is used for maintaining relative humidity at 55% in a contained environment. Integra Boost is a salt-free solution and a 2-way humidity regulator that releases or absorb moisture and maintain it at optimum humidity level. Boost will prevent mold from forming, ..
R60 R70
Ex Tax:R52
Brand: Boundless Vape Technology Model: BOUCF
The Boundless CF Vaporizer is a great option for those who are looking for a portable unit with top-tier extraction efficiency paired with an attractive price point. Compact, sleek and using a combination of convection/conduction, the Boundless CF packs a real punch thanks to its extremely powerf..
R2,238 R2,400
Ex Tax:R1,946
Brand: Boundless Vape Technology Model: BNDLSCFX
The Boundless CFX vaporizer is the CF bigger brother and if you are looking for a portable vaporizer that offers top-tier extraction efficiency, fast heating and in the mid-price range, look no further. The CFX utilizes the same large capacity Ceramic Heating Chamber used for the CF but its 80W o..
R2,723 R2,960
Ex Tax:R2,368
DaVinci Extended Mouthpiece
-34 %
Brand: DaVinci Model: DAVSNOR
One DaVinci Extended Mouthpiece -also known as Snorkel- compatible with DaVinci portable vaporizer. The 20cm long Flexi-Straw will enhance your DaVinci Vaporizer experience by further cooling down the vapour produced by the unit. Each order includes: 1pc DaVinci Snorkel Extended Mouthpiece ..
R230 R350
Ex Tax:R200
DaVinci IQ Leather Sleeve DaVinci IQ Leather Sleeve
-23 %
The DaVinci IQ Leather Sleeve by Zyyde adds an extra layer of protection against accidental falls and scratches. Each Zyyde Sleeve is hand-stiched in South Africa and made out of genuine leather. The sleeve is precision laser cut for full access to both top and bottom lids, side control buttons, ch..
R455 R590
Ex Tax:R396
Dr. Dabber Boost eRig Mod Attachment Dr. Dabber Boost eRig Mod Attachment
-21 %
Brand: Dr. Dabber Model: BOOSTMOD
The Dr. Dabber Boost eRig Mod Attachment is now universal as it fits any 510 threader battery. This revolutionary gadget has been developed specifically for the use with waxy concentrates. The Heating Unit included in the Boost 510 Attachment is compatible with any Mod battery sporting a 510 thre..
R1,298 R1,650
Ex Tax:R1,129
Dr. Dabber Boost Replacement Glass Dr. Dabber Boost Replacement Glass
-19 %
Brand: Dr. Dabber Model: BUSGL
One Replacement Glass attachment for the Dr. Dabber Boost. There are 2 different kind of replacement glass: the one piece Glass Attachement which is for the Boost and Boost Black Edition while the two piece glass is for the Boost eRig Mod Attachment. Please note that this attachment will not fit ..
R485 R600
Ex Tax:R422
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