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Puffco is one of the market leading manufacturers specialised in vaporisers for wax, shatter, dab and herbal concentrates. 

Brand: Puffco Model: PEAK
The Puffco Peak Vaporizer from well known Puffco, is a revolutionary dabbing rig device for vaping concentrates that combines the concept of an e-nail to a ‘smart bong’. The Peak is a game-changer capable to vaporize your herbal concentrates with the push of a button in just under 25 seconds whil..
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Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer
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Brand: Puffco Model: PUFFCO+
Designed for the connoisseurs, the Puffco Plus V2 Vaporizer is the latest iteration of the wildly popular Plus dabbing pen, the first pocket nail vape to feature a coil-free ceramic chamber and designed to function just like a ceramic nail. If you are looking for a highly potent, flavorful yet disc..
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Peak Travel Pack Peak Travel Pack
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Brand: Puffco Model: TRVLPK
The Puffco Peak Travel Pack is the best solution when planning to take your dabbing vaporizer for a road trip with you. The food grade silicone items included in the Travel Pack will protect your vaporizer form accidental damages, provide you a place to keep your dabbing tools and cleaning swabs and..
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Brand: Puffco Model: PEAKATMZ
Replacement Atomizer for Puffco Peak vaporizer. The Peak Atomizer delivers pure hits thanks to its high-quality ceramic bowl and coil-less design. The Peak Atomizer acts as a thermal-banger and your Peak’s smart ware makes sure that the heat within the chamber is automatically adjusted during repea..
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Brand: Puffco Model: PEKBLCP
The Ball Cap and Tether for Puffco Peak is made from borosilicate glass and its rounded shape allows you to direct the airflow by steering it around your bowl. This will allow you to consume down to the last drop of your favorite concentrate. When using the Ball Cap, your Puffco Peak will produce m..
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Brand: Puffco Model: PKCBWL
The Puffco Peak Ceramic Bowl is made from the finest quality ceramic in order to offer superior flavor on each draw and fast heat up times. To clean the inside of the bowl, you can use a torch lighter to soften up the residue and an alcohol wipe to clean it. Each order includes: 1pc Puff..
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Brand: Puffco Model: PKCCP
The Puffco Peak Carb Cap is made from high quality clear borosilicate glass…which is not infrangible but it’s heat resistant. The Carb Cap is compatible exclusively with the Puffco Peak vaporizer. Each order includes: 1pc Puffco Peak Carb Cap  ..
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Puffco Peak Quartz Bowl Puffco Peak Quartz Bowl
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Brand: Puffco Model: PEKQRTZ
Quartz Bowl for the Puffco Peak vaporizer.  This is a great upgrade from the standard ceramic bowl that shipped with your vaporizer. The Quartz Bowl will take longer to heat up but once ready, it will deliver pure and true flavour profile. It will also retain the heat for much longer and delive..
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Brand: Puffco Model: PUFFPLBAT
Replacement Battery for Puffco Plus vaporizer. The Puffco+ is a very reliable pen vaporizer for concentrates and it’s ‘almost’ indestructible. The Puffco Plus Battery features three distinct heat levels to provide a personalized experience and you can toggle between the different heat settings an..
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Brand: Puffco Model: PUFFPLCH
Replacement Chamber for Puffco Plus vaporizer (both V1 and V2). The Puffco Plus Chamber features a huge all-ceramic chamber that contains no glues or exposed metals for greater purity and flavor. Please note that the Puffco Plus Chamber is compatible only with the Puffco Plus battery. Each ord..
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Brand: Puffco Model: PUFFCOPLDART
One Pack of Dart for Puffco Plus V2 vaporizer. The Puffco Plus Dart is used to easily load the vaporizer’s ceramic chamber and with regular cleaning you can expect each dart to last you for months.   Each order includes: 3pcs Puffco Plus V2 Darts  ..
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Brand: Puffco Model: PFPRMP
The Puffco Plus Mouthpiece is a must have replacement for your favorite pen vaporizer. The Mouthpiece includes the Dart with Splashguard as well as the silicone grommet that holds the Puffco Plus Dart into place. Each order includes: 1pc Puffco Plus Mouthpiece with Dart  ..
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