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Peak Pro

Brand: Puffco Model: PKPROBLCP
The Puffco Peak Pro Ball Cap is an advance carb cap compatible exclusively to the Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer, created to improve your rips by maximising vapour production. The Ball Cap features an user-controllable directional airflow. This way your concentrate oil will move around the bottom of the ..
Ex Tax:R435
Brand: Puffco Model: PKPROBUBLR
A replacement Puffco Peak Pro Bubbler, or Glass Attachment. The glass bubbler is hand-blown and once filled with water it will deliver smooth and water moisturized hits. The Puffco Peak Pro Glass is ackwards compatible with the original Peak vaporizer but it won't fit in Peak travel case. Each o..
Ex Tax:R1,435
Brand: Puffco Model: PEAKPRCH
Replacement Chamber for Puffco Peak Pro vaporizer. Entirely redesigned to guarantee a more consistent and efficient performance, the Peak Pro Chamber features embedded sensors that will maintain your temperature exactly where needed regardless how hard you inhale or how big is your load. This Chambe..
Ex Tax:R800
Brand: Puffco Model: PEKQRTZ
Quartz Bowl for the Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer.  This is a great upgrade from the standard ceramic bowl that shipped with your vaporizer. The Quartz Bowl will take longer to heat up but once ready, it will deliver pure and true flavour profile. It will also retain the heat for much longer and de..
Ex Tax:R217
Brand: Puffco Model: PKPRTRVLPK
The Puffco Peak Pro Travel Pack is the perfect companion for when you are out on the road with your faithful dab rig.The Travel Pack includes a number of useful accessories that will provide you a better dabbing experience. All items are made from food grade silicone which is also dishwasher safe. I..
Ex Tax:R496
Brand: Puffco Model: PEKTRVLGLS
The Puffco Peak Travel Glass is one of those accessories that will add a new depth to your Peak and Peak Pro vaporizers, especially when you are on the go because your device will always be ready, without the need to fill the bubbler with water. The Puffco Peak Travel Glass features a patented and l..
Ex Tax:R1,722
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