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Tested and carefully chosen, these are our favourite and best rated vaporizers in terms of vapor quality, reliability and overall user experience.

Brand: DynaVap Model: DYNVPM20
Here’s the latest DynaVap 'M' Vaporizer 2020 version, featuring a significant number of upgrades. The M VapCap is still the same high-quality portable vaporizer compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. Built in the US, the 2020 ‘M’ VapCap is made from medical grade stainless steel, same a..
Ex Tax:R1,296
Brand: Arizer Model: EXQ
The Extreme Q Vaporizer by Arizer (Latest version 6.0 with All-Glass Mini Whip) is one of the most versatile table top vaporizers in the world. This hybrid digital vaporizer is in fact one of the only unit that can be utilized as a ballon-style device, as a whip-style or a direct draw mini-whip, a s..
Ex Tax:R2,957
Brand: Storz & Bickel Model: MIGHTY
The Mighty Vaporizer is built in Germany by the same guys behind the world renown Volcano vaporizer, Storz & Bickel. Same as for the Crafty, the build quality is excellent and unlike its smaller brother, the Mighty sports a LED display to fine tune the temperature and two plus/minus keys similar..
Ex Tax:R4,870
Brand: PAX Labs Model: PAX3
The latest vaporizer by PAX Labs, the PAX 3 is now intelligent, intuitive and instant. Improved in many ways over the previous generation, the PAX 3 can now be utilized for both loose leaf and extracts. Thanks to the new improved (3500mAh) battery and the more efficient heater, the PAX 3 can heat..
Ex Tax:R4,000
Brand: Storz & Bickel Model: PLEN
The Plenty Vaporizer is a powerful and robust hand-held vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, makers of the industry leading Volcano Vaporizer. Despite its power tool looks that belongs in the shed, the Plenty Vaporizer is a medical grade vaporizer device that packs a serious punch: its highly efficie..
Ex Tax:R5,043
Brand: 7th Floor Model: SSV
**LATEST VERSION with hands free Ground Glass Wand** The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is not just a table top vaporizer but a piece of art! This beautiful and highly customisable vaporizer adheres to the high quality standards that their makers -7th Floor- are renowned for. Each SSV comes with a custom h..
Ex Tax:R4,435
Brand: Storz & Bickel Model: VOL EV
The Volcano vaporizer with Easy Valve is the mother of all table top vaporizers and without any doubt the best balloon style vape in the market. We stock the latest version Easy Valve system where the balloon can be detached from the mouthpiece unit and replaced. The Volcano is a p..
Ex Tax:R5,913
Brand: AirVape Model: ARVPX
Improved upon the successful AirVape XS, the newer AirVape X vaporizer features the same compact and thin design but utilizes better quality materials and delivers better quality vapor. Sporting the thinnest design in the industry, the AIrVape X delivers outstanding performance with a high level ..
Ex Tax:R2,852
Brand: Storz & Bickel Model: CRAFTY+
Introducing the latest Crafty+ Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel that features improved performance, faster heat up time and improved electronics. Currently rated as one of the best performing portable vaporisers on the market, the Crafty Plus is now capable of delivering more sessions from a fully ch..
Ex Tax:R4,348
Model: LOT
The Lotus Vaporizer is a unique herbal vaporizer that uses a butane lighter instead of the conventional batteries to produce awesome quality vapour. These are the latest version Lotus with the new style O-Ring Caps (Herbal Vapor Cap, model 244) that heats up faster than the regular cap and don't sco..
Ex Tax:R1,565
Brand: Utillian Model: UTL421
The Utillian 421 Vaporizer is an entry level vaporizer that outclasses many higher priced portable vaporizer for dry herb in performance and features. The Utillian 421 features a single button controller that is used for powering the device on/off or to cycle through the six temperature setting..
Ex Tax:R1,565
Brand: Utillian Model: UTL722
The Utillian 722 is an affordable yet great quality portable vaporizer compatible with both dry leaf material and herbal concentrates. Featuring a single button operation and 4 preset temperatures, the Utillian 722 uses a convection heating system capable of heating up the large chamber in just unde..
Ex Tax:R2,948
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