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Water Pipes and Bubblers

A great selection of glass water pipes and bubblers. Upright bubblers, beakers, ash catchers, water pipes, steamrollers, round base water pipes. All the best glass water pipes and bubblers from GRAV and other top brands.

Model: BB1141
Cheech & Chong's Clyde Bubbler by Famous Brandz is excellent for years of wonderful enjoyment. Designed specifically for use with flower, the Cheech & Chong's Clyde Bubbler is 16cm tall and features two submerged showerhead diffusers, both chambers have thick bases for extra stabil..
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Model: A2011AG
The Cheech & Chong Jade East Rig by Famous Brandz packs an amazing punch!Designed specifically for use with concentrates and essential oils, the Cheech & Chong’s Jade East rig is 18cm tall and features a double- tier showerhead percolator making every hit super smooth, female 14.5mm quartz b..
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Model: AND.0
The Android by GRAV Labs is a truly unforgettable piece.Designed for flower and concentrate, the Android water pipe is 20cm tall and made with thick 65mm tubing, 14mm female-jointed domeless nail, inline percolator and clear glass. It includes two chambers that are sealed off from one another and in..
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Model: 32L.0
The GRAV Bell Base Water Pipe is designed specifically for use with flower and it stands 23cm tall.  This Bell Base Water Pipe is 20cm tall and made on 32mm tubing. The fixed downstem ends in a broad orb perc that diffuses smoke through water. The tiered body keeps water from splashing out of t..
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GRAV Coil Showerhead Water Pipe GRAV Coil Showerhead Water Pipe
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Model: CSH.0
The Coil Showerhead Water Pipe by GRAV will give you the most bang for your bucks. Designed specifically for use with flower, the Clear Coil Showerhead Water Pipe is 30cm tall and features a coil perc and showerhead downstem which combine for a double dose of cleaning and cooling, a 14mm GRAV® ..
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Model: PBC.0
Grav certainly broke the mold when they made the Conical Pocket Bubbler.  Standing at 7.5 cm in height and 10cm in length, the cone is the key to this little borosilicate glass marvel. The bowl is actually a recessed 10mm ground joint, meaning this pipe does take a bowl (not included though) . ..
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Model: 38E.0
The GRAV Empress Water Pipe stands at a towering 33 cm tall and has a 15cm base. The beautiful Empress bong, made from borosilicate glass is curvaceous, powerful, and demands your full attention. The Empress combines scientific functionality and artistic beauty into one design and the results are im..
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Model: 32X.0
The Flared Water Pipe by GRAV Labs is conveniently small yet powerfully potent!                  Designed specifically for use with flower, the Flared Water Pipe is 20cm tall and features an ice catcher, reinforced fixed downstem to prevent damage an..
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Model: BB32.0
The Hammer Bubbler by GRAV fits in your pocket and pulls like a monster.  Designed specifically for use with flower, the Clear Hammer Bubbler is 13cm tall and features a fission downstem which diffuses smoke through water, stabilized feet to rest the bubbler between uses.  T..
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Model: HX.BB.32
The Helix Bubbler by GRAV functions like a bubbler in the iconic shape of the Helix™ Designed specifically for use with flower, the Helix™ Clear Standard Basic Bubbler is 16cm tall and features a fixed cross cut down-stem, venturi chamber mouthpiece with three air intake holes and two glas..
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Model: PBH.0
The Grav Hourglass Pocket Bubbler is a classic piece that stands compact at 12 cm  tall with a 7.5 tall hourglass chamber, making it perfect for both on-the-go use or passing around indoors. The hourglass shape makes this bubbler easy to grip, and the angled sidecar neck works as a splash guard..
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Model: 44B.0
The 40cm Large Beaker Base water pipe by GRAV is the bong you are looking for. This beautiful beaker is smooth and easy to draw and the hits are cool, even without ice. This large size beaker is crystal clear and lets you watch as you build up massive hits in the beaker's long chamber. The fission d..
Ex Tax:R2,174
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