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Table Top Vaporizers

Vape Store, South Africa's largest and most trusted online store for Table Top Vaporizers, offers the widest selection of the best desktop vaporizers offered by the industry. If you are new to vaporization and would like to find out which one will be the best table top vaporizer for your needs and budget, feel free to speak to a knowledgeable Vape Store team member before placing your order, we'll be very happy to assist you!

Brand: Arizer Model: VTOW
The V-Tower, by Canadian manufacturer Arizer, the same guys behind the Extreme Q and the Solo, is a direct draw (whip-style) table top vaporizer that offers indisputable quality at affordable price. The V-Tower utilizes the same precise digital temperature control system with triple heat sensors ..
Ex Tax:R2,826
Brand: 7th Floor Model: DBV
Designed and handmade in the USA, the Da Buddha Vaporizer is a high quality whip-style vaporizer and for sure the ultimate in vaporization technology together with its brother Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Built using only the highest quality components and materials and especially designed for vape c..
Ex Tax:R3,609
Brand: Dr. Dabber Model: SWITCH
Introducing the Dr. Dabber Switch an advanced cordless vaporizer designed to be used with both dry herb or herbal concentrates. Dr. Dabber is an industry leader and they are known for their pen wax vaporizers. The Switch though is a potential game-changer as it utilizes an induction heating techn..
Ex Tax:R7,478
Brand: Arizer Model: EXQ
The Extreme Q Vaporizer by Arizer (Latest version 6.0 with All-Glass Mini Whip) is one of the most versatile table top vaporizers in the world. This hybrid digital vaporizer is in fact one of the only unit that can be utilized as a ballon-style device, as a whip-style or a direct draw mini-whip, a s..
Ex Tax:R3,461
Brand: Storz & Bickel Model: PLEN
The Plenty Vaporizer is a powerful and robust hand-held vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, makers of the industry leading Volcano Vaporizer. Despite its power tool looks that belongs in the shed, the Plenty Vaporizer is a medical grade vaporizer device that packs a serious punch: its highly efficie..
Ex Tax:R5,174
Brand: 7th Floor Model: SSV
**LATEST VERSION with hands free Ground Glass Wand** The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is not just a table top vaporizer but a piece of art! This beautiful and highly customisable vaporizer adheres to the high quality standards that their makers -7th Floor- are renowned for. Each SSV comes with a custom h..
Ex Tax:R4,652
Brand: Storz & Bickel Model: VOL EV
The Volcano vaporizer with Easy Valve is the mother of all table top vaporizers and without any doubt the best balloon style vape in the market. We stock the latest version Easy Valve system where the balloon can be detached from the mouthpiece unit and replaced. The Volcano is a p..
Ex Tax:R6,913
Brand: Storz & Bickel Model: HYBRD
Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer, the newest addition to the Storz & Bickel lineup of industry leading vaporising machines. This is the latest version Volcano Hybrid that boasts a state of the art dual inhalation system either through the time-tested Balloon System or through the new rotational Whi..
Ex Tax:R10,348
Brand: Arizer Model: XQ2
The all new Arizer XQ2 tabletop vaporizer is the latest and most refined multipurpose dry herb vaporizer from the well established Canadian manufacturer Arizer. The XQ2 is a multi-purpose dry herb vaporizer and it shows improved features from the previous model Extreme Q. A quiet 3 speed fans f..
Ex Tax:R4,435
The Flowerpot Vaporizer by Cannabis Hardware is the world’s first dual purpose table top vaporizer designed for the connoisseurs wanting to vape dry herb and dab concentrates, together or separately. If your wish is to taste the true flavour of every unique strain, then the FlowerPot is for you..
Ex Tax:R5,913
Brand: Zeus Vapes Model: OMGTR
Introducing the Tronian Omegatron, a Vapour Cup style portable vaporizer designed for the vaporisation of solid concentrates and provide a unique ‘drinkable’ vapour experience. The Tronian Omegatron is compatible with herbal concentrates of any kind of viscosity (wax, dab, shatter, rosin, Simps..
Ex Tax:R3,174
Model: EVO
The VapeXhale Evo vaporizer has been designed to ensure that you get the healthiest, thickest, and tastiest vapor possible. Compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates, the Evo is a top tier convection vaporizers capable of producing top strength (and massive) vapour clouds. I’ve warned you! ..
Ex Tax:R5,652
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