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Utillian Parts

Spare parts and accessories for the Utillian range of portable vaporizers. We stock all parts for the Utillian 421/420 as well as for the Utillian 722.

Brand: Utillian Model: 421MUTPC
A replacement glass Mouthpiece and Heatshield for the Utillian 421 portable vaporiser. This spare part for the Utillian 421 is composed by a borosilicate glass mouthpiece and a metal heatsink with screen that screws into the unit and the silicone heat shield. Always good to have a spare on..
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Brand: Utillian Model: UT421SCR
Replacement Stainless Steel Screens for Utillian 421 dry herb vaporizer. Screens are made out of high grade stainless steel material and will prevent small debris to travel up the glass mouthpiece. To prevent the screens from clogging and to deliver better flavours, we suggest to clean ..
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Brand: Utillian Model: UTL5CL
Utillian 5 Replacement Coil pack. Each pack contains 2 coils for the Utillian 5 wax vaporizer. These come in two configurations, Triple Titanium or Twisted Kanthal. We recommend replacing the coils when you notice a degrade in the vapour’s quality. Each order Includes:2pcs Utillian 5 Coil..
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Brand: Utillian Model: UTL5ORNG
Utillian 5 replacement O-Ring Set. Each pack contains 3 O-Rings for the Utillian 5 wax vaporizer. When the O-Ring on your Utillian 5 Wax Vaporizer is missing or when you can see small tears in the rubber, we recommend replacing it with a new one in order to maintain a perfect seal between the vapori..
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Brand: Utillian Model: UTLBBLR
The Utillian 5 Water Filter is designed to offer an extra layer of filtration when using the Utillian 5 Wax Vaporizer. The Water Bubbler fits directly on top of the 22mm vaporiser’s mouthpiece and it allows users to maximise draws while moisturising and cooling down the vapour without loosing t..
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Brand: Utillian Model: UTL5ATMZ
The Utillian 5 Wax Atomizer is designed to deliver a punch and a replacement for your current atomizer when you notice that vapour quality is not as good anymore. The Utillian 5 Atomizer features a 510 Thread which means that it can be used on your existing box mod with at least 20W of power. The Ut..
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Brand: Utillian Model: U620MP
The Utillian 620 Glass Mouthpiece Tube is one of those must-have spare parts in case you’ve damaged or lost the one received with your vaporizer. The Utillian 620 Mouthpiece is made from high-grade borosilicate glass and it fits inside the magnetic mouthpiece body.Each order includes:1pc Utillian 62..
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Brand: Utillian Model: U620SCR
The Utillian 620 Screen Pack is one of those must-have purchase that we recommend doing along with your Utillian 620 Herbal vaporizer. A clean vaporizer is a happy vaporizer and this screen pack contains all you need to keep your vaporizer in top performing conditions. Compatible exclusively with Ut..
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Brand: Utillian Model: UTL722CRPKG
The Care Package for Utillian 722 (and Utillian 721) is the perfect pack of replacement parts you will need in order to keep your Utillian vaporizer in perfect working order.The Utillian 722 Care Package is compatible with Utillian 721 and Utillian 720. Each order includes:5 pcs Screens2 pcs Mo..
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Brand: Utillian Model: UTLCAP
Replacement Magnetic Cap and Mouthpiece for Utillian 722 Vaporizer. If you’ve been using your Utillian 722 Vaporizer for a long period of time and never replaced the Magnetic Cap and Mouthpiece, we recommend doing so in order to improve vapour flavour. This assembly is identical to the one you’ve re..
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Brand: Utillian Model: UTLWX
Pack of 2 replacement Wax Canister for Utillian 722 vaporizer. If you are using your Utillian 722 for vaping concentrates, wax, shatter, it’s good from time to time to replace the Wax Canister from time to time with a new one.The Utillian Wax Canister are made from surgical grade stainless steel and..
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