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Vapman Vaporizer

Vapman Vaporizer
Vapman Vaporizer
Vapman Vaporizer
Vapman Vaporizer
Vapman Vaporizer
Vapman Vaporizer
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Vapman Vaporizer
Vapman Vaporizer
Vapman Vaporizer
Vapman Vaporizer
Vapman Vaporizer
Vapman Vaporizer
Vapman Vaporizer

The Vapman Vaporizer is a unique portable vaporizer handcrafted in Switzerland and for such a small unit it packs a deceivingly big punch. The tiny vape is made out of extremely high quality materials such as pear wood, American Walnut and gold and it works off a jet flame lighter (sold separately) therefore not requiring any batteries or charging like most portable units.

The innovative heating mechanism is much more developed than other ultra-portable vaporizers. After heating the gold-plated copper heating pan for an average of 10 seconds, the Vapman Vaporizer will produce a truly excellent vapor quality for its class. Three gold-plated air nozzles will allow sufficient airflow and ensure even and efficient vaporization.
What truly impressed me the first time I've tried the unit was the vapor's coolness that is rather unusual for a portable unit. Another standout feature of the Vapman is the way the vaporizer is managing the airflow to allow for an ideal draw-speed and optimal temperature. The Vapman uses a combination of conduction and convection to effectively vaporize plant material.

Designed to be held between your thumb and index during the heating process, the Vapman is incredibly well built and we recommend it to those who are looking for a robust, durable and extremely portable vaporizer capable of delivering excellent vapor quality.
If you are looking for a cheap vaporizer, the Vapman offers the best value for your money.
The Vapman vaporizer comes in a colorful airtight case to protect it when you are out and about, there are no delicate pieces to worry about, no screen to replace, it's easy to clean and the design is very sleek and elegant.

There are two versions of this little fellow: the Vapman Basic and the Vapman Classic.

The Vapman Classic features a fine sanded and polished pear wood exterior which is treated with linseed oil and mica heat protection & reflection around the pan. When the mica protection layer is heated the area surrounding the heating chamber will remain warm, creating an element of convection and delivering high quality vapor. Mica is a very hard material to work and specialized applications for sheet mica are found in aerospace components in missile systems, medical electronics and radar systems.

The Basic does not have the mica layer and it's not treated with linseed oil.

The newet addition to the Vapman lineup is the Vapman Classic Walnut which is made from American Walnut tree, fine sanded, oiled (Linseed-oil) and polished.

Please note that a normal lighter is not sufficient to correctly operate the Vapman. We strongly recommend using a Vapman Jet Flame Lighter for best results.

What's Included in your box:

  • 1 pc. Vapman Vaporizer
  • 1 pc. Loading funnel
  • 1 pc. Hard shell carrying case
  • 1 Instruction Manual

Vapman Vaporizer Warranty

Vape Store is a Vapman authorized retailer and as such we will honor the 1 year manufacturer warranty in case of manufacturing related defects. Physical damage as a result of improper handling is not covered by warranty.

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