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Element Medical

Element Medical: this Swiss company is the manufacturer of the Vapman vaporizer, arguably the best portable vaporizer of its class.
High quality materials, incredible manufacturing precision and excellent vapor quality are few of the selling points of this highly portable vape completely handcrafted in Bien, Switzerland.

Vapman Concentrate Sieve
Top Brand
Brand: Element Medical Model: VAPOIL
The Vapman Concentrate Sieve has been specifically designed for the vaporization of concentrate liquids, oils, resins and wax. The sieves are made from the finest stainless steel wire (316L). Simply place the small sieve in the heating pan of the Vapman. The ideal positioning of the sieve allows ..
Ex Tax:R87
Vapman Filter Screen Vapman Filter Screen
Top Brand
Brand: Element Medical Model: VAP FIL
A Filter Screen for Vapman vaporizer (Basic or Classic) like the one that originally came with the unit. This replacement screen is made of surgical grade stainless steel and it can be easily replaced. We recommend cleaning the screen of your Vapman every 2-3 weeks with rubbing alcohol. Each orde..
Ex Tax:R87
Vapman Funnel Tube Vapman Funnel Tube
Top Brand
Brand: Element Medical Model: VAP FUN
One Vapman Funnel Tube by Element Medical identical to the one you've received with the unit. The Funnel Tube is compatible with both the Vapman Basic and Vapman Classic models. Each order includes: 1pc Vapman Funnel Tube  ..
Ex Tax:R61
Vapman Middle Section
Top Brand
Brand: Element Medical Model: VAP MID
One replacement Middle Section for Vapman Vaporizer. This part includes the wood middle section, plastic mouthpiece and stainless steel screen. Select the Section accurately: Basic is the raw pear unpolished wood, while Classic is for the polished version with Mica lining.  ..
Ex Tax:R383
Vapman Mouthpiece Vapman Mouthpiece
Top Brand
Brand: Element Medical Model: VAP MOU
A replacement Vapman Mouthpiece for Vapman vaporizer. This mouthpiece is identical to the one that comes with the brand new unit and you can select it in white or black. Each order Includes: 1pc Vapman Mouthpiece  ..
Ex Tax:R87
Vapman Vaporizer Vapman Vaporizer
Top Brand
Brand: Element Medical Model: VAPM
The Vapman Vaporizer is a unique portable vaporizer handcrafted in Switzerland and for such a small unit it packs a deceivingly big punch. The tiny vape is made out of extremely high quality materials such as pear wood, American Walnut and gold and it works off a jet flame lighter (sold separat..
Ex Tax:R1,478
Vapman Wood Mouthpiece Vapman Wood Mouthpiece
Top Brand
Brand: Element Medical Model: VAP WMOU
One Vapman Wood Mouthpiece for Vapman vaporizer. This handmade wood mouthpiece comes in three different woods: box tree, plum tree and hawthorn. Please select your favorite when placing your order. Each order Includes: 1pc Vapman Wood Mouthpiece  ..
Ex Tax:R243
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