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JYARZ Classic Gasket Upgrade Kit

JYARZ Classic Gasket Upgrade Kit

JYARZ's Classic Gasket Upgrade Kit enhances  your JYARZ Classic with new a silicone gasket and a brand new high quality shock absorber. The JYARZ Classic Gasket Upgrades are non-toxic and chemically inert, and help lock in your herbal fragrances. Each kit contains three gaskets.  The new silicone is completely odourless and both stick proof and slick proof!

Instructions for upgrading your JYARZ Classic:

Step 1.  Remove the cap from your JYARZ Classic

Step 2.  Remove the glass core from your JYARZ Classic

Step 3.  With a butter knife-like instrument, carefully press the tip of your tool into the side of the gasket in the bottom of your JYARZ Classic "bottle". Gently pry the edge of the gasket and tip it out.  

Step 4.  Remove the white gasket and replace it with the new black gasket/ shock absorber, included in your upgrade kit.

Step 5.  Repeat these steps and remove and replace the gasket from the cap of your JYARZ Classic. Please note that you will find a thin "slip disk" in the cap that sits between the cap and gasket in the cap of your JyAR.  Make sure to leave that disk in place when you replace the gasket.

Note:  The new gaskets are slightly thinner than the gasket that you removed and they are slightly smaller in diameter.  As a result they move around a little, but that is by design.  

Each order includes:

2pc JYARZ  Classic Silicone Gasket

1pc JYARZ Classic Shock Absorber/Gasket

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