To all my fellow new and old-timers Mighty (and Crafty) vapers, here is a short blog on a few tips and tricks I have picked up along the way…

The Grind

magic-flight-finishing-grinderYou will want your herb to be finely ground but not to fine, a nice medium grind will do the trick. I find if your herb isn’t grind enough then you won’t get even vape although you could re-grind after a few draws and continue your session. If you grind too finely the airflow will be restricted and you will end up needing to clean the cooling unit more frequently. A light and fluffy grind works best and the MFLB Finishing Grinder does a really good job at it. As an optional extra the MFLB Finishing Grinder is exquisite, hand-made wooden grinder that grinds your herb just right.

Your Bowl or Chamber

Should be packed nice and loosely, you want the herb snug but not tight. A tightly packed bowl will also result in restricted airflow and clog up the screen before your cooling chamber. Your chamber should be filled just to the brim but not compressed down. I like to use the filler aid provided not only to prevent spilling but helps to ensure I don’t over pack, I fill the chamber so that the herb just touches the clear cap in the center of the filler. Packing your bowl right will ensure in even, uniformly vaporized herb. Now if your tolerance is low or you are looking for a shorter vape session, pack your chamber 50% of the way and insert the Liquid Pad or alternatively get yourself the

Keeping you your bowl clean is also essential, think about it like this, you wouldn’t eat your food off a dirty plate so don’t vape out a dirty bowl, any leftover residue will affect the flavor and hinder your vaping experience. A quick wipe down after every 5 sessions or so with some isopropyl alcohol on an ear bud or an alcohol swab will work well. Just ensure not to let any excess alcohol run down into the battery. I like to hold my Mighty upside down while doing this just to be safe.

Draw and Vape production

Now you want to draw for 10-15 seconds for good vape production, longer if desired. You want your draw to be like sipping a think milkshake you want to savor. If you draw to hard and quickly your vapor will be warmer and if your draw is too short you won’t get much visible vapor.

The Cooling Unit

The Mighty has a sophisticated “Cooling Unit”, a series of channels and chambers that help to extend the vapor path which allows for cooler, smoother vapor, this unit needs to be kept clean. The more frequently you clean it the easier it will be. I try to give it a clean every week, but this depends on how regularly you use it, say after every 10-15 sessions is a good time to open her up and clean. Once resin starts to build up the mouthpiece starts getting sticky and tight, there will be a noticeable increase in draw resistance as the airflow is restricted and your flavor will also take a knock.

mighty-vaporizer-with-hoseIf you find that the vapor you are inhaling is too warm another sneaky extra is the Arizer Hose: traditionally for Extreme Q and V-Tower Vaporizer this whip (or hose) is made from premium quality material, is 100% odorless and tasteless and fits snug onto the mouthpiece of your Mighty, allowing you to sit back and enjoy amazingly flavorful and cool vapor each draw and comes in a range of colors. I use a glass mouthpiece on the other end but it's not necessary.


This is a key factor which will determine the quantity and the quality of your vapor, a good place to start is 170/175◦C, at this temperature you will get the best flavor but not much visible vapor. After a few draws you can slowly make your way up adjusting in 5-10 degree increments as you move up you will notice a change in flavor however more visible vapor. At about 190/195◦C the taste of the vapor will be like that of slightly overcooked popcorn and the vapor production will come to an end. This is a nice gradual session guarantying you get the smoothest and best flavor vape throughout your session. However I’ve noticed that ex-smokers tend to enjoy starting a session at a higher temperature, this will give to a great combo of both vape production and flavor whilst still keeping your vapor cool.

Its import to remember that visible vapor is not essential but for those of you who enjoy kicking out huge clouds try starting your session at 188/190◦C and half way through your session bump it up to 196◦C to finish it off… this will give massive clouds of vapor whilst still full of flavor however your session time will be shorter than if you started at say 175◦C

My colleague Grant wrote a great bog on ideal temperatures and their effects. This will help you understand which temperature will be best for you and your desired effect.

Optional Extras

A great optional extra is the Dosing Capsules; these are great for controlling your dose and make for changing your load while out and about very easy and mess free. Another benefit is they help to keep your bowl/chamber clean.

crafty-glass-mouthpieceGlass Mouthpiece; The Easy Flow glass mouthpiece is available and they fit both Crafty and Mighty, this mouthpiece allows for cooler more flavorful vapor and free of plastics; easy to keep clean and great addition to the vaporizer.

Water tool adaptor; This too is for both Crafty and Mighty, it allows you to connect your vaporizer to any water filtration with a female 14/19mm down stem – connecting to a water filtration will help to keep your vapor even cooler and allow for incredible flavor. Attaching your Easy Flow Water Tool is simple, just gently twist it into place like you would with the filling aid; be sure not to force the adapter all the way around as this will separate the molding of your vaporizer.

Budgie Bubbler; is a nifty vertical handheld water filtration that is designed for portable vaporizers such as the Mighty and Crafty, but works well with virtually any high-end handheld vape such as the Arizer Solo, Air and DaVinci Ascent and it can also be used with a whip-style desktop vaporizer.

Adding this to your collection is almost a must – works really well and will certainly improve your vape experience! In order to use it with your Mighty you will need the Easy Flow Water Adapter mentioned above.

What I have found is the vaporizing is a very unique preference and while I can tell you what I prefer and what works for me the best thing you can do is play around until you find the ideal start temperature and setting you enjoy. It is also important that your herb is of good quality – not too dry and not too wet!

I really enjoy my Mighty, from session to session, never failing to deliver the tastiest smoothest vapor for a portable vaporizer ;-)

Keep your Mighty clean because a clean vaporizer will produce the tastiest vapor ever!

I hope you all can enjoy your Mighty or Crafty as much as I do.

Happy Vaping

Mary Jane – Vape Store