The DaVinci IQ is small, sophisticated and discreet, this portable vaporizer is the latest edition to my collection of vaporizers and has certainly claimed its spot. The IQ introduces a completely new design and has quickly become one of my favourites; from the packaging to device and all the other extras such as the nifty little stash can, I was extremely delighted, to use and review the DaVinci IQ.

davinci-iq-olive-gree-vaporizer While unboxing the DaVinci IQ I could see a lot of thought and care went into redesigning the packaging of this vaporizer; it feels sturdy and everything fits in neatly and has a place. Not quite as good as apple packaging but a step up from the accent box. By then I was getting quite excited and couldn’t wait to give it a test run.

Inside the box you receive, the DaVinci IQ vaporizer which is for dry herb only, 2 mouthpieces, (one flat and one which doubles up as your water tool), an Integrated packing tool, Cleaning accessories, a micro USB charging cable and a neat little smell proof stash can for the extra flower.

Let’s take a look at the build quality before we get into the good stuff, the performance.

Impressively the IQ does feel solid and durable in the hands, however, I have to question the delicate looking hinges and how long they will last. The size and shape of the unit certainly make it easy to slip into your pocket and fits completely in the palm of your hand, for maximum discretion. The 51 LED light grid display is beautiful, the lights are clear, and brightness can be adjusted to your preference. The buttons all work as they should and feel nice and sturdy.

The IQ’s new design features a replaceable 3500mAh 18650 battery, smart path technology, a zirconia ceramic bowl and flavour chamber as well as a water tool, oooh the excitement.

One of the biggest upgrade’s for DaVinci is their Smart path integration. The Smart Paths are pre-programmed to start at a selected temp and gradually increase degrees over 10 minutes. Designed to enhance the effects of your herb, giving you exactly what you need, when you need it.

This new design features Smart Paths as well as precision set temperatures at a press of a button.

With Bluetooth technology you are able to connect to their free App for more customizable settings, however, I have yet been successful with uploading and installing the app and cannot comment on its functionality and customisable settings. The free app available is for both iOS and Android smart phone and is meant to enable you to fully customize your vaping experience.

When using the app, you will be able to customize the smart path sessions, turn off vibration alerts, and get device information like total usage time, average session length, average temp and favourite path. The fact that I haven’t been able to access the app hasn’t prohibited me from enjoying the pre-set Smart Paths as well as setting my exact desired temperature.

The Smart Paths are set to start at a pre-set temperature and increase in temperature during a 10 min session. (which if you have the app working you are meant to be able to adjust according to your preference and requirements) Click the control/power button once to switch between modes. Personally, I found that even though I am on a Smart Path setting, I still finish my session way before 10min is up.

Below is a quick look at the pre-set Smart Paths and my thoughts on them:
Smart Path One – This one is crafted for flavour, you start at lower temperatures. Full of flavour and aromas! Certainly, the tastiest path, though very little vapour production. Effects are mild, and senses are awakened. (175°C - 188°C)

Smart Path Two – This path is uplifting, I found it great for the morning and gets the creativity flowing. This is a medium euphoric experience of enlightened consciousness. Perfect if you still need to stay alert. The “get the task done” option. Flavours are still great, vapour is still quite cool with more vapour production than that of SM1 (188°C - 198°C)

Smart Path Three – Now this is how I like to end off the day, with a full body sensation of euphoria. Great flavours at first but quickly the session becomes all about vapour production and potency rather than flavours. However, half way through your session the devise heats up quite a bit and can be uncomfortable to hold at times. (198°C - 210°C)

Smart Path Four – Rest, Unwind & Relax! All about potent vapour! I find this path unnecessary as the device gets too hot too quickly and almost burns your herb. However, it is certainly potent! (210°C - 221°C)

Each path is programmed to gradually hit the max temp about halfway through the session and maintain that temp for the remaining time.

No matter what smart path you are using, you can also turn on Boost mode to ramp the oven temp. To do this, press and hold control/power button to activate boost mode, holding to stay at max temp. This will no doubt burn through your herb quickly. Release to engage standby mode, which cools down the vaporizer to conserve your material. Press any button on vaporizer to resume your previous mode. To conserve the battery life, after 3 minutes in Standby the device will turn off.

Other features the DaVinci offers are haptic feedback or vibration alert which is common in almost all the newer high end vapes. Alerts when battery is running low and when your session starts and ends. Powered by a single and removable 18650 battery. The IQ offers a complete temp spectrum ranging from 120°C to 220°C and will hit your desired temp in about 45 seconds on average. You can also adjust the lights brightness, by simply clicking the Control/power and down button together once. To adjust back to full brightness, click Control and Up buttons together once. You can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius by clicking all 3 buttons at once.

Another interesting feature for IQ is its vapor cooling insert called the “Flavour Chamber” which is made from zirconia, a material harder than ceramic that is used to cool iq-flavour-chamberdown the vapor’s temperature as it travels from the oven to the mouth piece. The Flavour Chamber sits under the mouth piece in the vapour path, right before the vapour gets to your lips. You can load up a few chucks of your herb into the Flavour Chamber to enhance the flavour, this will only partially heat up your herb, enough to express flavour without cooking it. The herbs inside the Flavour Chamber will be coated with vapour residue that condenses as it passes through the Flavour Chamber.

But if you are still intending on vaping the herb that is placed inside the Flavour Chamber, be warned that the nugs don’t smell and taste as good any more. However, the flavour chamber can come of use for other herbs, such as mint and lavender, but I leave it empty most of the time. As mentioned above the flavour chamber does help to cool and smoothen the vapour before it gets to your lips.

davinci-iq-zirconia-mouthpiece DaVinci IQ mouthpieces are also made from zirconia and because of the hardness of this material the flavour of this herb is preserved. The raised mouthpiece doubles up as a water-tool and seals well with a 10mm female or 14mm male glass and works really well. Check out our video…

The oven is located at the bottom of the unit and is pretty easy to pack. It is small and almost tucked away but easy enough to pack. I usually use a fine to medium grind and pack it quite tight, however, not so much that you get a lot of resistance when closing the oven. If you grind your herb coarsely you won’t get as much vapour production and there will be less draw resistance. If you grind really finely you will get denser vapour and slightly more draw resistance. I found that the IQ works better with short, smaller pulls as appose to those long, strong pulls I get from my PAX 3. It doesn’t feel like you’re sucking in a thick milkshake through a straw, instead, it feels just like breathing in tasty air.

I would recommend getting a set of the DaVinci glass spacers. These spacers will allow you to shrink the chamber, using less herb and still get the same great results. The set includes one 10mm glass spacer and one 6mm spacer. These are great because if you’re vaping solo or micro dosing, you won’t need to pack the entire oven—just enough for a short session or for a few great tasting draws. glass-spacers-davinci-iq-vaporizer

The DAVINCI IQ features 360 conduction heating which allows for the extract or herb to cook evenly and have a smoother taste.

Be careful when empting out your chamber at the end of your session, I find that all the parts on the DaVinici, though neatly packed and user friendly are somewhat finicky and sit in loosely. Once while empting out my chamber after a decent sesh at the beach I ended up dropping my glass spacer as I bent down to pick it up my mouthpiece fell out and into the sand along with the flavour chamber… not fun… beach sand EVERYWHERE!

There is a ceramic ball that is on the oven door that is easily detached, if you happen to lose that ball, it’s game over. You will now have an overly priced paper weight.

I’ve found the battery will last me anywhere from 50-80 minutes of use on average. The replaceable battery system is awesome but after some testing I’ve found that it takes about four hours to charge a dead battery inside the DaVinci IQ. Good news though, at least there is pass through here! I suggest getting the external battery charger with a second battery.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Overall the IQ is pretty quick and easy to clean if you empty out the bowl after each use, and brush or blow out the chamber. Easy enough but you need to use the tool in order to clear it out completely. This will help keep cleaning easy. The flavour chamber needs to be cleaned the most often, just pop it out, and drop it right into isopropyl alcohol and soak/rub it off. Otherwise every evening or so just wipe it done using an alcohol swap.

The mouthpieces will need to be cleaned often too, and like the flavour chamber they can be just popped out and dropped into some ISO. Generally, I have been cleaning the zirconia parts about every 5 or so sessions or every time it needs a charge up.

Final Thoughts

From the launch the DaVinci Vaporizer’ in 2012 to now, they have come a long way, the Davinci IQ is superb. The vapour quality of the IQ is exceptional, light, whispery, smooth and very cool while still potent. DaVinci used the best and most pure materials in the vaping world. The IQ is sleek and small and maybe not as durable as the PAX. I still question the hinges and the finicky parts but overall it is quite durable.

Just like any other vaporizer on the market, the DaVinci IQ vaporizer has its advantages and disadvantages. The fact that I couldn’t get the app to work, the pearl or ball used to heat the oven is held on by a stud which seems like it will break off quite easily and that there is a strong possibility of losing the Flavour Chamber has not stopped me from enjoying this impressive device. It’s a great looking and a great feeling unit to hold and use. Generally speaking, the good outweigh the bad and the product does justify the price tag. I simply love the outside finish of the unit.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

Happy Vaping

Mary Jane, Vape Store