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Research & Experience

Research&Experience is a small group of dedicated medical marijuana patients who have developed over the years the most precise and pure herbal vaporizer suitable for the extraction of active components from medicinal plants.

Brand: Research & Experience Model: ARO SCR
One pack stainless steel screens for the AroMed Vaporizer. The screens are made out of high grade stainless steel material. We do suggest to clean regularly your screen with a cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol that can be purchased from most pharmacies. Each order contains: 5pc Repl..
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Brand: Research & Experience Model: ARO PEL
The Foam Pellet used with the AroMed vaporizer allows to inhale active substances in a liquid form such as oils, water-based and alcohol-based solutions. Pour some drops of the liquid onto the Foam Pellet and place it on the herbholder's screen to vaporize the chosen substance. Each order incl..
Ex Tax:R217
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