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Oil Slick

Oil Slick manufactures nonstick solution to better handle your wax and concentrates such as the Balls, Pads and Stacks that are nonstick alternative to parchment paper. Wax or Concentrates, nothing sticks to Oil Slick.

Slick Pad Slick Pad
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Brand: Oil Slick Model: SLK PAD
Engineered specifically for handling sticky concentrates, the Slick Pad by Oil Slick is the perfect surface for drying water extracts and allows you to handle the stickiest resin with ZERO waste or mess. Production and collection are a breeze with the Slick Pad. Never scrape agai..
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Slick Paper
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Brand: Oil Slick Model: SLKPPR
The Slick Paper by Oil Slick is a silicone release paper that is stronger and more non-stick than parchment paper, making it an ideal medium for storing sticky concentrates, for drying water-concentrates , for CO2 Extraction and the perfect solution for your Rosin press. Slick Paper features thic..
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Slick Sheet
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Brand: Oil Slick Model: OIL SHEET
The Slick Sheet by Oil Slick is a disposable Teflon alternative to parchment paper and is a laboratory grade PTFE textile film. Slick Sheet is 100% eesistant to non-polar solvents and rated for direct, long term, solvent exposure. With heat transfer up to 260C, Slick Sheet makes a superior liner for..
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