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Happy Hippie Bags (Bubble Bags)

Happy Hippie Bags (Bubble Bags)
Happy Hippie Bags (Bubble Bags)
Happy Hippie Bags (Bubble Bags)
Happy Hippie Bags (Bubble Bags)
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Happy Hippie Bags (Bubble Bags)
Happy Hippie Bags (Bubble Bags)
Happy Hippie Bags (Bubble Bags)
Happy Hippie Bags (Bubble Bags)
Happy Hippie Bags (Bubble Bags)

Constructed with the best materials and heavy duty stitching, the Happy Hippie Bags are all you need to produce high quality herbal extract from left over trim, with no contaminants. These revolutionary bubble bags help remove dust and unwanted contamination using only ice, water, and high quality microscreens.

Composed of high grade 100% waterproof -PVC-free- canvas, the bubble bags are built to withstand repeated uses and will work efficiently for a prolonged period of time. The Happy Hippie bags are featuring a heat stamped monofilament screen, heavy duty 600D polyester, 100% nylon bonded thread used for the bottom’s triple stitching and side double stitching, incredible strength. The PVC-free waterproof coating on the sidewalls will allow all your crystals to collect on the bottom screen for easy removal. The heat stamped -not woven- polyester screen will retain a consistent pore size even after repetitive uses, preventing contamination of your extracts.

Happy Hippie Bags come in a 8 bag set , 5 bag set or 3 bags set in 20 liter (5 gallon) bucket and 5 bag set for 4 liter (1 gallon) bucket.

We now stock also the 8 bags set in 10 gallon capacity.

The 3 bag set includes 25, 73, 220 micron
The 5 bag set includes 25, 73, 120, 160, 220 micron
The 8 bag set includes 25, 45, 73, 90, 120, 160, 190, 220 micron

The eight bag set is the most versatile set and produces the highest grade product . An 8 bag kit allow you to separate your extract into 7 different grades – different plants have varying crystal sizes so this will let you keep the best possible extract from your plants.

When you are setting up the bucket -NOT INCLUDED- for the cold water extraction, make sure to place the smallest micron size -25 micron- into the bucket first and work your way up to the 220 micron bag. Our bubble bags are color coded as well as labelled with the micron size and feature an easy to use drawstring.
Your order will also include a 25 micron Blotting Screen which is an essential part of the drying process and a carry bag.

It is important to clean your Happy Hippie Bags immediately after using them. A small amount of mild soap in hot water will do the trick. Hang to dry. Once completely dry, fold and store until next time. Rubbing alcohol can be used to clean bags if needed.

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