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DaVinci IQ2 / IQC Dosing Capsule Set DaVinci IQ2 / IQC Dosing Capsule Set
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Brand: DaVinci Model: DVSSCPS
Pack of 6 stainless steel dosing capsules for the DaVinci IQ2 and DaVinci IQC herbal vaporizers. The threaded dosing capsule are made from 304 stainless steel, can hold up to .3g of flower, concentrate or a combination thereof. The dosing capsules will make loading on the go a breeze and keep the ov..
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DaVinci IQ2/IQC Odor Resistant Airtight Case DaVinci IQ2/IQC Odor Resistant Airtight Case
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Model: C10.C
The DaVinci IQ Odor Resistant Airtight Case from CLOUD TEN is designed to travel and protect  the Davinci IQ2, and the Davinci IQC and accessories . The DaVinci IQ Odor Resistant Airtight Case also INCLUDES A FREE HERB CANISTER and a CLOUD TEN 4pc ALUMINIUM GRINDER.The solid silicone inser..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQVPATH
A replacement DaVinci Flavour Chamber for the IQC, IQ2 and IQ vaporizers. Made from 100% zirconia ceramic, the vapor path will deliver the purest flavour, draw after draw. Each order includes: 1pc DaVinci IQ Series Vapor Path  ..
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DaVinci IQC / IQ2 Soft Case
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQCASE
The DaVinci IQC Soft Case is another of those ‘must have’ accessories for your IQC and IQ2 vaporizers. The holding case fits perfectly your precious vape and can also store the charging cable and vape tools. Available in South Africa exclusively through the Vape Store. Each order includes: ..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQCMP
Replacement DaVinci IQC Zirconia Mouthpiece complete with silicone gasket. Did you break or lost your vaporiser's mouthpiece? Worry not, we stock most of DaVinci's spare parts and accessories for the IQC vaporizer. Each order includes: 1pc DaVinci IQC Mouthpiece  ..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: IQBAT
The DaVinci Battery is a 3500mAh high drainage 18650 battery and to be used with the DaVinci IQC or IQ2 vaporizers. Never again run out of juice and keep all your spare batteries charged up when using the DaVinci External Battery Charger. Available in South Africa through the Vape Store. Each ..
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Brand: DaVinci Model: JNTP
DaVinci Nectar Collector Joint-Tip is used when you are connecting the Nectar Collector Honeybird Core upright bubbler to your DaVinci IQ or DaVinci MIQRO vaporizer. This 10mm female joint-tip fits directly onto the Extended Mouthpiece that came in your box with the vaporizer. Each order inclu..
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Introducing the DaVinci Water Tool: this Budgie water filtration tool is made from high quality borosilicate glass and when connected to your DaVinci vaporizer (Davinci IQ or DaVinci MIQRO), it delivers smooth and cooler hit which are still packed with flavor…the ultimate in fresh-tasting vapour. ..
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Model: 3WPA
This Borosilicate Ground Glass Whip Adapter is compatible with 10mm/14mm and 18mm female downstem from your water piece. This 3-in-1 whip adapter will work with the most sizes whip (hose) and the ground glass creates a sealed joint. Each order includes: 1pc Whip Adapter 10mm/14mm/18mm ..
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