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Vapolution 3 Review - This thing rips!

by Mary-Jane | Posted in Table Top Vaporizers | Vape Store Blog | No comments yet. | 677 views on this post

Don’t you think I have the coolest job in the world? I’ve read somewhere of this girl in England whose job was to test sex toys…that’s pretty cool too…but testing herbal vaporizers is awesome ;-)

Finally got my hands on the Vapolution 3 vaporizer to review and boy I’m pretty impressed! The Vapolution 3 or Vap3 is a table top vaporizer that certainly can deliver.
Unboxing this device was really an interesting experience: glass tubes, cables, hoses etc; thankfully the user guide gave clear and short instructions on how to operate her and once understood, all parts identified, it was clear to see how easy the device was made to be!

vapolution-3-vaporizer-with-accessories-partsInside the box you get: the unit, a length of food-grade silicone hosing which is different from the usual clear hose you get with the Extreme Q or the Da Buddha vaporizers because this one is milky in color, a glass Bent Bowl, a wall point power supply, a car adapter (Yes, the unit is 12V and you can use it while driving…but I didn't suggest that :-p ) and you also receive a spare glass Heater Sleeve. Since these are made form sandblasted glass and fragile by nature, it’s good to know there is a spare in the box.

Designed and assembled in California, the design of the Vapolution3 is not the most captivating but simple and to the point, buttons are sturdy and feel good when you press them, an easy-to-read backlit digital display and a cool LED light that lights up the heating path in blue when the desired temperature has been reached, similar to what the Vapexhale EVO also uses. The unit itself doesn’t look expensive but is functional, clean and very well crafted. I found it to be a bit unstable while passing the whip around however it won’t tip over even though it seems like it might.

The Vap3 offers bigger hits, better airflow and larger loads than its predecessor Vap2, with yummy tasty clouds hit after hit. Another great thing about this vaporizer is that you are able to view the bud after each hit, this feature I really like and while this is a no grind vaporizer I was surprised to notice the bud was uniformly vaporized so nothing went to waste. If you are already vaping, you should know that vaporizers generally use a smaller amount of herb to get the job done but when compared to other desktop units I’ve found the Vapolution 3 very economical as you only need +-0.3g of dry herb, still in bud form, for a great session!
For those trying to be more discreet while vaporizing the Vap3 has “stealth mode”, whereby all illumination will be disabled. To activate stealth mode press and hold both, (+) and (-) buttons, for 3-5 seconds.

Since the Bent Bowl that packs your load is inserted into the glass Heating Sleeve, accuracy at what temperature you are actually vaporizing at is questionable; also if the Bowl is left in the Sleeve during the session the bud will continue to get hotter – toasting your herb way to quick! However if set to a lower temperature and the Bent Bowl is removed after every hit, this won’t be a problem.
As it is a table top vaporizer, portability isn’t the best however with this device you are given a car adaptor allowing you to travel perhaps even take her camping, making her more portable than most desktop units. So easy to use and clean – no grind, no mess, no fuss!

The Vapolution 3 comes standard for dry herb only, however, they do offer optional extras that will turn this vaporiser into quite a dynamic little unit from water filtration using the Hydrotube to dabbing your concentrates with the dab bowl and for those wanting a pure vapor path 100% glass, there is the All-in-Wonder-Bowl, this way your tasty vapor will never be exposed to hot metal, ceramics or plastics. When using the standard bent bowl together with the whip, the path isn’t 100% glass as the whip is made of food-grade silicone. Having said that though during my testing sessions I didn’t find that the hose was letting out any plasticky flavor with my vapor.  
When testing using the whip setup I found the vapor to be extremely tasty, cool and smooth; very comfortable to draw with an average draw resistance. The quality of vapor is very good and potent, massive clean tasting clouds from the get go and after 6 big hits vape production was still good and the flavor was still yummy.

During my 1st test I set the temperature to 180◦C and went up to 185◦C after a couple of draws but I’ve found this to be too hot and roasting through the herb too quickly. Vapor was smooth and yummy however only got 2 or 3 draws and the herb was burnt out. I’ve repacked it with some fresh bud for the second session and this time I decided to start at a lower temperature….for those terpenes to last longer. I’m now at 170◦C and after 3/4 draws I increase to 175◦C: found this to be a great temperature, perfect for a session, great vape production throughout and my herb never got to that burnt popcorn state. I’m not sure how many draws I’ve had in total as I’ve lost count after the 6th one :-p …but there were lots of nice clouds all around me!
Warm up time is 2min, then a further 5-10 seconds once the bent bowl is inserted into the heating sleeve, if you leave the bent bowl inside the heating sleeve too long the herb gets too hot too quickly. The unit has a 20min sleep timer built in whereby it will stay on but the temperature will start to cool just press the + button once to wake her up and allow for the temperature to reach the desired mark and continue your session, after 45min the unit will shut down.

The Vapolution 3 has a convection heating method with a microprocessor controlled heating device and comes standard with a background monitor installed to constantly gauge the heater and thermocouple for any problems if any issues are identified the device will shut down preventing overheating and maintaining the integrity of the system.

As far as cleaning and maintenance, she is super easy, all glass parts to be soaked off in alcohol then flushed with hot water while the plastic unit just needs a wipe down with a damp cloth. Care must be taken not to get any interior parts wet.

My final thoughts on the Vapolution 3, very impressed, vape production was amazing with tasty, smooth and comfortable clouds. For more heavy users as this is such an easy vaporizer, this is for you. Easy enough for beginners and tasty enough for heavy users! As I said before the design of the unit isn’t the most captivating however good vapor production is all you need in a vaporizer!

If you have any experiences or questions please feel free to comment and I will happily respond to the best of my knowledge J

Happy vaping all
Mary Jane – Vape Store


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