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Vapolution is a Northern California company that manufactures the famous Vapolution Vaporizer. Expressing myself in surfer's terms, I would say that these dudes have really nailed it! Ceramic heating element, temperature control, glass-on-glass vapor path, compact and inexpensive unit. What more can you ask from a table top vaporizer?  

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Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer
Based on 1 reviews.
Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer is the original glass on glass hands free vaporizer. The Vapolution uses no metal screens and no heated plastic, resulting in a purer and contaminant free vapor.  If y..
Vapolution Buddy Bowl
The Buddy Bowl eliminates the need for retaining washers. It is bent at a 45 degree angle to conform perfectly with your Vapolution Vaporizer. The glass walls on this bowl are 1.5mm thick, 50% thicker..
Vapolution Glass Bowl
A Glass Bowl set for Vapolution Vaporizer. We stock two different sizes: the 8mm Medium Glass Bowl and the Large Glass Bowl that holds 1.5x the medium bowl. The bowls are made from Pyrex Glass to..
Vapolution Hose
The Vapolution Hose is a medical grade hose (or tubing) for Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer. This original Vapolution hose is made from odorless and Non-Toxic material and not m..
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