As a regular consumer of dry herb, smoking was nothing new or something I ever thought I would quit. Raving about ‘Clean Green’ and its incredible flavor was a daily debate. The smell, the taste, the blowing out of a thick cloud of smoke - simply divine I thought. The morning cough - totally nothing to worry about… Right? Well my eyes and I must say lungs have been opened up now.

I would easily consume 4 or 5 smokes a day, by the end of the day feeling drained, tired and demotivated. Lazy was an understatement… Lol. Come early morning hours and the cough would start, this can’t be healthy, there had to be a better way to consuming my herb. I had heard many things about Vaping and wondered if it would work for me, would it satisfy my high tolerance needs… And the answer is Yes, Vaping not only satisfies but is certainly cleaner, easier and more discreet!

I personally went about to finding the right Vape to fit my needs and lifestyle, it needed to me portable but with battery power that lasted and I certainly wanted to maximize my herb and vape production. Weeks of reading review after review I settled on the Mighty Vape from Strorz & Bickel. I then purchased my vaporizer from VapeStore SA. The 1st thing that I noticed was the flavor, like puffing on a box of my favorite sherbet, Yum I thought. The next thing I noticed was that once I got the Vape going there certainly was more than enough vape.

Weeks later and this is what I have to report, a Happier High without a doubt! The effects are different and certainly more enjoyable… less munchies and more laughter, all round easier, cleaner and more efficient way to consume my favorite dry herb, however this may vary from stain to strain and person to person. I find that at the end of the day although tired from the day’s events I am still able to get more done. I find my concentration has increased and the morning cough - a thing of the past!

Many beginners will think that they should be seeing some sort of visible vapor when they exhale. When you exhale, you will likely see nothing. Be assured that just because you see no visible vapor, this does not mean your vaporizer is not working. Be sure not to over pack your vape as this will hinder your vape production.

What I experienced, the first few hits are for taste but you do not feel much. You may or may not feel a bit of a throat hit depending on how sensitive your lungs are. After those initial hits, you’ll start feeling a light buzz and a growing smile, after you get that initial buzz, each hit will become stronger as will your “buzz”. You will then for sure know your vaporizer is working!

As far as the Vape I chose goes, I am happy with its performance - the only lag is the battery. Depending on my vape sessions I am always aware of its next charge… The Mighty Vape gives me about 5 sessions before needing a charge - but by this time I’m home and able to vape while on charge. The Charge doesn’t take long till fully charged and I am able to continue as I wish.

Although the cost is an initial investment I certainly do save on the quantity of herb required.

I cannot say what’s better as it depends on the smoker, however I can say after attempting to smoke a joint after vaping for only a week I was blown away - all I could taste was the burning of the paper and the harshness on my throat. Will I ever enjoy a smoke again, doubtful – I’m a converted Vaper for sure!!!

So to my fellow dry herb consumers Vaping is a must try!

Lots of Love and Blessings to you all, happy vaping

Mary Jane