When last did you watch someone roll up a joint, and light a match? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? These days everyone knows what a vape is. They’re so popular that even if you’ve been living under a rock you’ll have heard the term “vaping”.

A glance at Google Trends shows just how interested humans are in vapes. A comparison of the search terms “vape” and “cannabis” over a decade and a half shows more searches were done for inhaler tech, than good, old ‘sticky icky’.

Given the surge of cannabis tech, there are now thousands of different options when it comes to klapping that Kush. There was a time when bongs where in vogue, but technology is the clear winner in this race. But with so many different types and sizes of herb vaporizers, how do you choose? Let me give you a little advice on how you can really personalize your ‘Green Goddess’ experience.

Smooth, Moist, And Tasty!

If you don't like the harsh and hot smoke produced by jays, then why not try Vape Store’s NonaVong Vaporizer from DynaVap. This compact and stylish instrument is only 92 mm in length and comes in three different designs. Durable and efficient, the pen-style vaporizer fits into any 14mm water pipe connector, which adds moisture to the tasty vapour produced by this battery-free vaporizer.

This cannabis techy reduces the intense smells produced when heating your herb. Instead of inhaling hot smoke, you breathe an aromatic vapour that is smooth and enjoyable. Ultimately vaping really heightens the flavour profiles of the variants you prefer to consume, and the NonaVong is no exception.

Vaping Trumps Rollies

If you’re still not convinced that vaping is for you, buckle up and get ready to read why you should give it a try. There are just so many more benefits that come with choosing to vape, instead of burning and smoking your Indica or Sativa.

  • Easier to clean: There are very few vape kits out there that don't come with some sort of cleaning equipment along with the kit. Vapes are very easy to clean and keep well maintained. Vaporizing your herb leaves less residue in your device — which is easily cleaned with just a few scrubs of your handy little cleaning brush, or a soak in alcohol. Say goodbye to Saturdays spent scrubbing your bong.

  • It’s simply better for you, long term: You know that burning paper and herb isn’t great for your health, and that’s a fact. The truth is our lungs were not designed to inhale hot smoke. When we burn and inhale herbs we put our lungs at risk long term - ain’t nobody got time for that! Vaporizers are designed to overcome this health impediment. Vapes heat up, rather than burn, cannabis to liberate the good stuff. So you get all the medicinal benefit, or mellow, without all the dangers of smoking.

  • Very discrete: Yes, smoking cannabis has been legalized in South Africa, but you can’t consume in public. Attitudes to cannabis locally, unfortunately, are still conservative. And who wants to be judged for getting their vape on? Vaping is far more discrete and portable.

  • Did I say healthier? Vaporising your herb is said to remove around 95% of the smoke that is usually inhaled. This also means that the smell and smoke are less dominant as a side effect. Our experience is that humans who invest in a good vape rarely if ever, go back to rolling joints.

Get The Best Advice

The Vape Store not only offers customers a wide selection of vape and vaping accessories, but you’re welcome to pick up the phone and pop us an email for expert advice on what vape would best suit your style and lifestyle. We have everything you might need to get into vaping, from tabletop vapes to portable pen vapes, and more.

Contact us now to find out more about our extensive range. Or touch base with us on Facebook or Instagram. We’re here to help you in whatever way we can.

Until next time - stay chilled like cheese.