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The Vape Store Blog gives you the latest news, competent and unbiased reviews, troubleshooting tips and videos around the world of table top vaporizers. Never again buy a desktop vaporizer that does not perform as you thought: find out from the Vape Store Blog if it's worth it or not.

01 Feb 5 Reasons why you need a Table Top Vaporizer!
Caron 0 4712
Ok, so you’ve got  a trusted portable vaporizer (or three) that you enjoy regularly, so why would you possibly need a table top  vaporizer too? Well, we happen to think that any serious ( and even not so serious) cannabis vaper, needs a table top as part of their collection, and these are the reasons why. 1. First and foremost, tabletops produce be..
24 May Vapolution 3 Review - This thing rips!
1 2506
Don’t you think I have the coolest job in the world? I’ve read somewhere of this girl in England whose job was to test sex toys…that’s pretty cool too…but testing herbal vaporizers is awesome ;-) Finally got my hands on the Vapolution 3 vaporizer to review and boy I’m pretty impressed! The Vapolution 3 or Vap3 is a table top vaporizer that certainl..
10 Mar The Best Desktop Vaporizers of 2017
admin 0 2635
Desktop vaporizers are the largest and the most powerful vaporizers, but as these vaporizers have grown in popularity there are newer models on the market that offer users different functionality and features. This makes choosing a desktop vaporizer tricky, but here we have found the best desktop vaporizers that you can consider. Desktop vaporizer..
08 Mar How to Choose a Cannabis Vaporizer?
admin 0 2537
Once you have made the decision to buy a vaporizer, you are not able to just go buy one. There are now plenty of vaporizers to choose from that all offer the user different qualities and features. This is why your choice of vaporizer is not as easy as you may think. When you are looking at buying a vaporizer you will need to compare the models and ..
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