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The Vape Store Blog offers unbiased and honest reviews on the latest portable vaporizers, industry news and events concerning handheld vapes as well as tutorials and troubleshooting tips so that your portable vaporizer will perform at its best....forever and ever.

21 Jan How to control the CRAFTY PLUS with the STORZ & BICKEL WEB APP
Nicola 0 8677
As some of you may be aware of, Apple has recently banned any vaping related app from their App Store, meaning that vaporisers such as the Volcano Hybrid, PAX 3, CRAFTY Plus, Firefly 2+, DaVinci IQ and MIQRO won’t (for now) be able to take full advantage of the customisation achievable through the respective apps.  Fortunately the Storz & Bickel We..
23 Oct AirVape Xs Go - A
admin 1 5948
The new AirVape Xs Go is the latest addition to our collection. If you are looking to find a quality on- the- go vaporizer that won’t break the bank, then look no further. The new Go is a great “go-to” vape, especially for the price.Like previous versions, the AirVape Xs GO uses a combination of conduction and convection technology to achieve optim..
07 Oct Get the most out of your DynaVap
Caron 1 3068
One of the most popular devices on the market is the DynaVap — it’s light, portable, cost-effective and easy to use. But even this seemingly simple device can benefit from proper use, so we have put together a simple guide for DynaVap enthusiasts, full of hints, tips, and tricks that we’ve picked up over the years.What is the DynaVap?The DynaVap is..
02 Aug Kandypens Crystal puts the Fab in Dab
0 4607
Marketed as one of the easiest vape pens on the market to use, I’ve read that KandyPens Crystal is ideal if you’d like to pack your bowl with CBD concentrates and start dabbing. Let’s just say I’d hear references to ‘getting lit on a gram of wax’ but I never thought beyond that. Being a dabbing virgin, I had to research what I was going to get myse..
01 May Vaping’s new gold standard. The Zeus Arc GT.
1 4541
Gold. Pure gold. I kid you not. But that’s not why I’ve fallen in love with the Zeus Arc GT. Let me put it this way. Imagine your dream is to own the new 2020 AMG CLA 35 from Mercedes? And this car is delivered to your door. And the driving experience is everything you dream it would be and more?I’ve enjoyed using Arizer vapes - the old Solo and th..
21 Jan DaVinci IQ versus Arizer ArGo versus Pax 3: pros and cons
0 3878
The Clash of three top dry herb portable vaporizers The Pax 3, the DaVinci IQ and the Arizer ArGo are all very popular portable dry herb vaporizers. The vaping experience between these three top selling vaporizers is however vastly different. After extensive experience of our own as well as ample feedback from customers, we thought a comparison re..
03 Jan PAX 3 vs DaVinci IQ vs Arizer Go: Portable Vaporizers Showdown Video
06 Apr DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review...after extensive and tricks.
2 9819
The DaVinci IQ is small, sophisticated and discreet, this portable vaporizer is the latest edition to my collection of vaporizers and has certainly claimed its spot. The IQ introduces a completely new design and has quickly become one of my favourites; from the packaging to device and all the other extras such as the nifty little stash can, I was e..
26 Jan Arizer Air II – A great yet small portable vaporizer
0 2811
From the renown Canadian vapes' manufacturer Arizer is the new Air II, still with all that made the original Air great but now with full digital temperature control, USB charging, improved battery life, a bright OLED screen and without the need of an app. Simple, efficient and durable...well done Arizer! Manufacture and Design Arizer has a great ..
21 Dec Pulsar APX Review
1 2759
If you're on the market for a portable vaporizer that can be used with both dry herbs and waxy concentrates, and you would rather not break the bank, the Pulsar APX is an exceptional choice. Available in a variety of colours, the Pulsar APX is perfect for novices and one of the most affordable portable vape models on the market. At first glance, th..
27 Oct The DynaVap Vaporizers: good things come in small packages!
admin 0 3779
DynaVap is a USA-based company that manufactures a range of beautifully crafted battery-free vaporizers that can be used both with dry herbal blends and concentrates. Am I blown away by the vapour quality delivered by these tiny vapes? Yes, I am…and read on to find out why! Today I’m reviewing the DynaVap “M” which is the entry level stainless stee..
29 Sep G Pen Pro Vaporizer Review
admin 0 2086
Grenco Science, was among the first to manufacture a pen-style portable vaporizer for ground-up dry herb, and today we are reviewing the newest addition to their collection, the G Pen Pro. “Not intended for use with tobacco, liquids, or concentrates” Similar in design to the G Pen Elite, the G Pen Pro comes safely packed in a simple yet elegant bla..
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