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Customer Testimonials

Cluster led grow lights

" Hi bought a medium cluster led grow light about a month ago and I am not very happy with it ..I am not getting good results .there has been hardly any noticeable growth in the month that my plants have been under your grow light.i am very disappointed with the resaults after spending over R5000. "

Unbelievable service levels

" The team are absolute stars they are all about customer satisfaction and will move heaven and earth to ensure that you receive a positive experience. Shop with ultimate confidence you will not be disappointed. I can not recommend them enough! One Love KJ "
Kendrew Johnstone

Vapestore service

" Really impressed with the service and feedback from VapeStore. Nothing short of excellent. Keep up the good work folks, you have my support and business. "

Da vinci iq

" I purchased the Da Vinci IQ dry herb vaporizer a few years ago. It is the best vaporizer I have ever used. It is durable and works like a dream. Smooth quality taste. The flavour chamber is an added bonus for taste tweaking. Their is very little need to replace any parts as they last very long. Easy to use and clean. I recommend this to everyone "

Quality Products and Excellent Service

" a wins my award for best Vape Shop in South Africa. I have purchased several high end products from them during the past year, all of which were original products directly from the manufacturer and of the highest quality. Fulfillment of orders have always happened within a day, sometimes even on the same day, and deliveries have always been done by reputed courier services. I have only received the best possible service from the friendly people at a, and even their after sales service has left nothing to be desired. I would recommend a 10 out of 10 times, don't waste your time or money anywhere else, come to the a and you will be a guaranteed happy customer. "

" I just bought a g pen elite for R350 at China mall in Joburg, what’s up with the taxation from the vape store? "

Fantastic service

" Made my first purchase in September online. The service was great and I recieved all my items promptly! I really reccomend this store. Thank you ! "


" A Spare Volcano Easy Valve Filling Chamber Housing makes changing between the original large filling chamber and the filling chamber reducer a breeze. When there is not enough time for a full session, or if you just want a little something to get you by, the filling chamber reducer is just the right size for a couple of quick bags and zero wasted herb. But for the longer sessions or when friends come to play, the original larger chamber definitely works better, but changing between the two is not always convenient, which is why a spare Filling Chamber Housing makes perfect sense. Instead of continuously swapping filling chambers in a single housing, each filling chamber now has its own housing, making changing between filling chamber sizes a simple choice. No more fiddling with little metal clips. Simply choose the right size chamber for the session, and off you go. A must have for anyone using both the original filling chamber and the filling chamber reducer. "


" The Ground Glass Water Pipe Adapter for the Volcano Easy Valve System is the perfect tool for using your Volcano Balloons with the Budgie Bubbler. Bubbling your Volcano vapor through water helps to moisturize and cool the vapor, and reduces throat irritation to a bare minimum. This combination is especially useful when vaporizing at higher temperatures when the vapor tends to be a bit hot and harsh. This is an excellent tool to make an awesome experience even better. This is highly recommended for anyone wishing to add a little moisture to their vapor. "

Space Case Pollen Press

" The Space Case Pollen Press might be small, but it certainly delivers as promised. It can comfortably press anything between 0.25 and 1 gram of kief/pollen into extremely compact tabs/pills. If you keep it slightly warm and re-tighten every hour or so for a couple of hours, it compacts extremely well, and leaves you with a good quality hash. Leave it in the fridge over night to ease removal the next day. "

Great Service

" I had no problem using the website. The same day my order was placed, I received the tracking number for my my parcel and it was delivered to me in 3 days. Produ ct is excellent quality and well known brands are being sold on the site. Defin itely would recommend the site. "
Cornel De Winnaar

Mighty/Crafty Wear and Tear Sets

" The Mighty or Crafty Wear and Tear Sets provide great value for money, and provides you with enough spare parts to ensure uninterrupted use of your vaporizer for years to come, and total peace of mind. All parts are amazingly easy to replace, and the high quality of the materials ensures that it's not something you'll have to do too often. The Wear and Tear sets are good investments, but not something you'll be needing every day. "
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