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Customer Testimonials

Mighty/Crafty Wear and Tear Sets

" The Mighty or Crafty Wear and Tear Sets provide great value for money, and provides you with enough spare parts to ensure uninterrupted use of your vaporizer for years to come, and total peace of mind. All parts are amazingly easy to replace, and the high quality of the materials ensures that it's not something you'll have to do too often. The Wear and Tear sets are good investments, but not something you'll be needing every day. "

Storz-Bickel dosing capsule filling set

" The Storz-Bickel dosing capsule filling set is another great product from the makers of the Might and Crafty portable vaporizers. It is an amazingly simple tool to use, and makes filling the dosing capsules quick and easy. It provides almost perfectly weighted doses within minutes. The included gram scale ensures accurate measurement and perfect control over dosing while the large grinder makes grinding 6 grams of dry herb or tobacco a simple task. "


" I have been using the Mighty daily for just over a month. It is an amazingly versatile vaporizer, and I use it for vaporizing dry herb, extracts and organic tobacco, but it can also be used for concentrates. It's an awesome vaporizer which produces amazing vapors and flavors. It's a very simple and easy to use vaporizer, but still provides perfect temperature control, making it the ideal vaporizer for beginners and connoisseurs alike. It is slightly bulky, but is still small enough to fit most pockets and take along where ever you go. It is very easy to clean and maintain, and although it might seem a bit pricey, it is definitely worth ever penny. I would strongly recommend this to anyone, beginners and experts alike. This is truly an amazing product. "


" I purchased the Storz-Bickel Crafty as a tool to stop smoking cigarettes. I now, exclusively, vaporize organic tobacco through my Crafty. It is truly the perfect vaporizer for anyone seeking a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. It's small enough to fit in your pocket and take along where ever you are off to. It is extremely low profile, and vaporizing organic tobacco produces zero visible vapors or odors, enabling me to use it indoors, pretty much anywhere in public, or between non-smoking friends and colleagues. Fully charged you can get at least 3 hard, long sessions before needing to recharge. Recharging is quick with the included 2 Amp charger, but can be done with any USB port. I also have a Mighty, and the Crafty makes the perfect companion. Components and spares for the Mighty and Crafty are 100% interchangeabl e, and because of this I can use the Mighty's cooling unit on top of the Crafty body to provide better cooling and and smoother vapor. "


" I have recently purchased the Storz-Bickel Mighty with various accessories. Great product and excellent service from VapeStore. Would recommend any Storz-Bickel product in a heart beat, and would definitely recommend VapeStore to friends and family. I am using the Mighty to vaporize both tobacco and dried herbs. It works wonderfully for both. Best buy ever. Excellent quality, German built, with all the bells and whistles one would want from a vaporizer. My wife shares my enthusiasm, and as a result I've now ordered a Crafty for her. "


" Why does my slim indicate full charge is loaded but will not vape? Hasn’t since I purchased it. Frustrating? Yes "
Kathie Light

Amazing service

" I just want to thank the guys at Vapestore for the amazing service and prompt delivery especially Grant I had a small issue with one of my orders and he resolved it for me quickly and with no fuss. I will continue to use this site for all my vaping needs as well as advising all my friends to use it. So nice to find good after-sales service nowadays. "

Happy chappy

" This grinder works very smoothly. Does what it needs to, perfectly and easily. No effort required for grinding. Very practical magnetic hold between the two halves. Would recommend. "


" This vaporizer is amazing. Great price for a top quality product. Would advise new buyers to put something soft on the ground underneath the unit, as the cyclone bowl can become stuck to the elbow pipe after some usage and then fall to the ground after being lifted up. Broke my cyclone bowl this way. Luckily the unit comes with a spare balloon as well as a spare elbow pipe AND spare cyclone bowl. Love this beauty. "

Great Service & Products!

" We have purchased 5 different vaporisers over the past three years from The Vape Store.I always received sound honest advice on their various products and great after sales service. I still have use of all the products I have bought and hold the Vapestore in high regards. Grea t company to deal with! Harold "
Harold Kolnik

Arizer Solo 2

" What a pleasure it was to do business with vapestore. Fast and friendly service with only the best range of products in stock. My only regret is that I didn't find this site sooner. Could have saved my lungs much abuse. And look no further than the Airizer Solo 2. It's the vape you're looking for. "


" Did a lot of research and decided to go with the DaVinci IQ...Fantastic unit, great service and quick delivery everything you would want from an online store!I don't normally take the time to write a testimonial but good service in South Africa is worth commending nowadays... they even had a nice discreet package for the incognito smoker! "
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