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Customer Testimonials

this ad

" Why do you not list prices for these screens? "

Dr dab boost e rig

" Great piece great service thanks "

Da vinci IQ

" Do not buy this Vape the pieces brakes off the oven stains and don't believe in the 10year warranty and all the good reviews on the internet. I was saving for this vape for years and in the first week of buying it I already had problems with the battery. Th e next month the lid broke of. The service of Da vinci Iq is terrible they take forever to get back to you and just try to talk you out of the warrenty like to send the device to them after I send so many pictures what is wrong. I am very sad I had to pay this much for this vaporiser. With all the problems that comes with it. "


" Bought my 3rd vape from you guys. was blown away by the Davinci IQ - I didnt think there was more in terms of vape quality - until I tried the firefly2. At first I thought I made a mistake - but very quickly after learning how to use it correctly, I was blown away by how awesome this device is. The taste is something else! Amazing bit of kit - you wont go wrong with either one of them - but I strongly recommend the FF2!! "

Snoop Dogg G Slim

" This is NOT a vaporiser as advertised. It ignites the herb, and you get ONE hit on it. It is still smoke. Rather roll and light. "

GPro Mouthpiece

" Great quality and service delivery. Kee p up the excellent service Vapestore! "

Arizer Extreme Q

" Very pleased with the performance of both the Extreme Q and the staff at VapeStore. I got an amazing product at a discounted price, plus free delivery, AND the package came earlier than expected. Thanks so much for the telephonic advice, guys. Will order from a again "

Glass sleeve Replacements for G Pen

" These replacements were not available in my home town of Brighton UK. They arrived quickly.Just what I needed.Great service from the Vapestore. "
John Porter

Kandy pen Galaxy

" Brilliant! This pen rips like nothing else I've tried and I've tried a few of the other brands available in SA. The extra wide mouth piece allows for super big pulls and is also a dream to clean as it doesn't block so easily like other similar pens. The double coil in the atomizer provides quick easy heat in a very discrete form. I have used this pen multiple times in public and it's great cause Noone suspects a thing...defini tely a must buy in my opinion! "

Dr.Dabber Boost

" This piece is surprisingly smooth and can handle some pretty big hits for such a small machine. The kit comes with a whole bunch of nice extras to play with as well. Had an issue with the first piece that was sent to me and it was promptly replaced no questions asked, which is excellent service. The speed and professionalis m of the vapestore is also brilliant. "

excellent service

" very happy with the expertise displayed by the store owner as well as the efficiency in which business sevice is carried out "

G pen herbal vaporizer

" 1st to the vapestore peeps,thanks,5 star service. I like the g pen,it's like a 2 hit bong,by the 3rd hit you start tasting toasted flavours. Great there's no smoke can hit it anywhere,but refilling is some hassle it public,can be done though. Was bummed it didn't come with at least 1 screen. I manufactured a couple. Also did miner adjustments so I could get more 'erb in which allows for more hits. Awesome!! The guys at grenco science could tweek this vaporizer even more to make it even better. I have a few suggestions on it and the G card grater if anyone wants to listen. "
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