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55% Integra Boost 8 gram pack
The 55% Integra Boost Humidity Pack is used for maintaining relative humidity at 55% in a contained environment. Integra Boost is a salt-free solution and a 2-way humidity regulator that releases o..
62% Boveda Pack
Based on 8 reviews.
One replacement 62% Boveda pack compatible with small, medium and large and extra-large CVaults. For the extra large CVault (2 liters) you can choose the 60 gram pack while for the smaller CVaults the..
CVault Storage Container
Based on 11 reviews.
The CVault by FreshStor offers the ultimate curing and storage container. Thanks to its 62% 2-Way Humidity Control system, the CVault will preserve all oils, character and flavour of your stored mater..
Higher Standards Silicone Container
Made from the highest grade silicone, the Higher Standard Storage Container can hold your precious dabbing material inside four separate compartment within the container. Durable, non-stick and com..
Higher Standards Small Silicone Container
Like any Higher Standard product, the Small Storage Container is made from high-quality material and made to last. This pretty little dab non-stick container can safely store your precious dabbing mat..
NoGoo Clear Container
Based on 1 reviews.
The NoGoo Clear Container is the perfect non-stick solution to storing your herbal concentrates. Anything from the most to the least viscous concentrates such as wax, shatter or oil, can be stored wit..
NoGoo NONSTICK Container
Based on 2 reviews.
The NoGoo NONSTICK Container are made of Food Grade Silicone that allows you to get 100% of any sticky substance out without leaving anything on the sides of the jar. Using glass or plastic containers..
Space Case Scout Grinder
Based on 3 reviews.
The Space Case Scout Grinder combines a virtually airtight stash case with a high quality grinder. The 3-piece Scout Grinder is machined from a single aircraft grade aluminum block and works effici..
Space Case Storage Case
Based on 4 reviews.
The Space Case Storage Case is an airtight and water tight container that will preserve the freshness and aroma of your favorite herbal blend for much longer.  Made in the ..
Storage Container (Stash Case) by SCS
Based on 1 reviews.
The Storage Container (or Stash Case) by Santa Cruz Shredders is created from a single piece of high grade aluminum and they are the perfect way to secure your ingredients freshness ove..
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